RAM change

  arnie321 18:43 11 Apr 2005

Please can anyone help with this one:
I've a P4 2.0 ghz.. running windows XP
1.28 ghz RAM

My pc thinks it now has only 144mb RAM switched it on today to system is running painfully slow checked my spec 144 mb RAM??? did a full virus check yesterday and deleted a trojan horse ???? then today this has anyone got any ideas??

  Technotiger 18:53 11 Apr 2005

Hi, I would suggest try a System Restore to an earlier date when all was ok.


  arnie321 19:13 11 Apr 2005

have been trying to system restore it wont don it though tried to restore to a date 1 week ago, 2 weeks even 2 months it goes through the motions then when it reboots up it tells me that it was unable to restore???

  Technotiger 19:23 11 Apr 2005

Hmmmmm - perhaps if you removed the ram stick/sticks then replaced them again, windows might then 'find' them again on boot-up.

Just a thought.

  Technotiger 19:24 11 Apr 2005

ps - do you get any beeps on start-up, if so, how many beeps?

  arnie321 21:29 11 Apr 2005

Removed RAM Sticks done that ..... plus no beeps on boot up

  Technotiger 22:21 11 Apr 2005

Normally one would get a single beep on start-up - no beeps indicates a Short or a Loose Card, though it does depend on type of BIOS ie IBM/Award/AMI etc. (No Beep only if IBM)

  Technotiger 22:25 11 Apr 2005

Another thought - how much actual RAM do you have?
Measured in Mb not ghz.

  arnie321 22:37 11 Apr 2005

i have 2 x 512mb sticks & 1 x 256 mb stick

  Technotiger 22:41 11 Apr 2005

Ok - I would suggest then that you try it again after removing the 1x256mb. More RAM up to a point, does not necessarily mean more speed.


if not working still, try different combinations of RAM.

  Technotiger 22:53 11 Apr 2005

I have had a couple of late-nights recently, so having had my Cocoa I am now off to bed - I will look here again tomorrow. Meantime, best-of-luck.


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