RAM Building Up The Longer I Keep My PC On

  iamlee 21:40 01 Mar 2005

Hey all,

Im having some major issues with my pc, i usually leave my pc on for around a week or so before i restart it because im running a network on it. ive noticed after about 2-3 days the memory goes up sky high like hitting 350+ mb.. i only have 768 DDR Ram. i dont open any applications i just leave my pc idling. after the memory hits a certain extent my pc restarts, any ideas people? is it the memory or could it be something help? please help:
System Spec Below (if helps anymore)

OS: Win Xp Pro
CPU: AMD Athlon 2.4ghz
Graphics: Geforce 3
HDD: 3 x 120GB Maxtor

PS, my windows is fully up to date.
any help/advice will be greatly appreciated.
thanks :)

  Jak_1 22:10 01 Mar 2005

although xp is far better at giving back memory than Me was (Me was useless for it!)the system does work better if re-booted once or twice a week as it will clogg the memory a bit as you have noticed.

  iamlee 22:12 01 Mar 2005

ah right.. so is there any way i can prevent this from happening though? because some of my mates also have networks, and theirs can stay on for 3 weeks or so without a restart :O i think my pc will be sizzled by then lol, do you reckon any Memory programs will help it?

  LeadingMNMs 22:19 01 Mar 2005

Are you saying that the PC automatically restarts when the memory starts getting full ? Or do you mean that things slow down, and so you have to manually restart the PC ?

I've certainly never seen a PC restart because its memory is becoming full. I have 1Gb of memory, normally utilise about 60% of it and my PC has been running for almost 3 weeks now.

You could try a memory management program, but I doubt that it will help you that much. It will probably only clear up the odd Mb every now and again, and will use that much memory itself.

  smy13 22:21 01 Mar 2005

click here
Try this I've found it really useful, it not only has a memory optimiser but can also clean up your registry. You get a month's free trial before you have to buy, give it a go

  iamlee 22:22 01 Mar 2005

well i keep checking my memory each day it keeps rising every time i check it. but for the first 1 or 2 days it runs so good, but come towards the end of the 2nd day and 3rd.. my memory all of a sudden is used up alot, say if i go to open internet explorer, sometimes it wouldnt let me unless i close something i have running. it restarts automatically. im not certain it can be the memory by 100% but i cant think of anything else it could be :(

  LeadingMNMs 22:27 01 Mar 2005

Since you've got plenty of hard drive capacity, make sure that your virtual memory / pagefile is enabled and set it as high as you can (4Gb I think - probably overkill, but when you've got 360Gb of space . . .).

I don't think it can be the memory thats causing the restarts, and the only other thing I can think of at the moment is that the processor is getting too hot and restarting the computer.

  Belatucadrus 23:17 01 Mar 2005

click here If it is a RAM management problem, here's a freebie that should help.

  smy13 23:24 01 Mar 2005

Are you running McAfee Spamkiller or by any chance
as there is currently a issue with it taking over your RAM
click here

  woodchip 23:41 01 Mar 2005

It sound's like a Memory leak this will be in a Program. It may be one that runs in the Background. You need to check programs. In MSCONFIG. You can find this by typing it at Start\Run go to the startup tab remove all ticks that do not need to run at boot, and see how it goes, you can play about in there by removing or re-ticking in a orderly way to find the problem

  iamlee 11:51 02 Mar 2005

im not running any spam killer the only applications that i have running is AVG and Blackice. ive already checked msconfig and theres not many things on the startup my running proccesses are below 28. ill try this memory program and see how it goes hopefully will solve it. ill also set my virtual memory and page file and ill let u know how it goes :)

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