RAM - Branded Memory vs unbranded memory

  o44wen 20:14 07 Jul 2005

hi guys,

I am wondering if there is any quality different in branded memory and non-branded memory for PC's

I have a Mesh XP Athlon64 3000 and was wanting to ad another 512Mb of RAM but the Mesh memory is very expensive, i saw cheaper unbranded memory from various website and was wondering if it was ok to use, performance would not be affected in anyway?

Would anyone be able to recommend some for me. I dont know too much about RAM but Mesh says mine is 512MB DDR400 RAM (PC3200). I must say that for computer parts, RAM has me confused, everythingelse is fine. I just dont get RAM just yet. Too many different descriptions.

Thanks in advance,

  howard60 20:20 07 Jul 2005

go to the click here site and it will tell you what you need. I only use crucial - the best and free next day delivery - fully guaranteed.

  citadel 21:49 07 Jul 2005

branded memory has a garantee and has been tested. The normal branded pc3200 that you can get at pc world etc will work ok, it will probably say 100% compatable on the box. You can get more expensive pc3200 that has faster timings but this is only worth it if you want to overclock it.

  LastChip 22:01 07 Jul 2005

Apart from the fact that they supply good quality memory, their after sales service is superb, recently, for the first time ever, I had a stick of Crucial memory start playing up (after about two years).

They offer a lifetime warranty, provided the memory is being used by the original purchaser - in other words, you can't transfer the warranty if you sell the machine. Anyway, I filled in the RMA form on their web site, and it was changed without question or any hassle what so ever.

To me, that's worth paying a little more for, rather than cheap memory that gives problems and then you have hassle getting it changed.

I've used Crucial now for a number of years in all the systems I build and this is the only time I've ever had a problem. I still wouldn't go anywhere else.

  Totally-braindead 22:50 07 Jul 2005

I couldn't begin to tell you how many hours I've wasted on bad or incompatible memory causing problems. Would have to go with the others and say go to Crucial, save yourself tearing your hair out, they guarantee what they sell you will be compatible with your PC.

  woodchip 23:05 07 Jul 2005

My bet is on Branded Memory, not something to save money on. It may not work with mixed memory.

  o44wen 00:07 08 Jul 2005

ordered some from Crucial. Half the price of Mesh. Liked the deal. I have seen them advertise in magazines before, and i used their memory scan tool and they suggested the memory, also i just ordered a graphics card from them too. Great tool they have to scan your PC

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