RAM all used up?

  j50 14:35 05 Nov 2003

Running W98SE on an Intel P4 MB with 256MB Ram. As soon as I boot up with no main programs running my RAM is reduced to 19MB. Is this right? I am running Norton AV and other start up programs, but even so?!. Menory hungry programs like PhotoImpact are running very slowly and freezing up, might this be an asociated lack of memory problem? Will upgrading to XP help or do I really ned to buy more RAM?

  GuyR 15:26 05 Nov 2003

You need more RAM but 98SE runs better with MB max. There are several links via other threads to Microsoft data base that explains why going higher can cause conflicts.

You need to ensure only progs you want are running by doing the following
click start,
type msconfig into the box, and click run.
click on the startup tab
uncheck those programs that are starting up on boot up that you don't need, e.g. office find fast and others.
save and exit.
check to see how much resource released.

You will still need to get 512 Mb into the system though especially if looking to play with photo's.

XP will allow more RAM to be fitted but you will still needs more that 256 for decent performance.

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