RAM advice

  fujitsu boy 11:20 18 Mar 2005

Hi, before I start however I want to say that I myself have posted 'resolved messages' which never showed up?

Anyway, just a quick question about RAM. My new laptop says 'on the box' 256 of ram, and the 'system information panel' also says total physical memory of 256, BUT some programs, such as CrapCleaner and even SandraLite say 190/191 MB total physical?

Any ideas why they report diff Ram from the system information box??


  Storik 11:28 18 Mar 2005

but I believe what my computer tells me regarding RAM. There are so many "ever-so-clever" programs that tell you something different, that I just ignore them now.


  fujitsu boy 11:35 18 Mar 2005

You are so right Storik, it seems that so many 'utilities' tell you rubbish that you don't need to know, rubbish that isn't necessarily true... but I am adicted to such programs!! :0)

  Rigga 11:39 18 Mar 2005

Built in graphics of 64mb?

Some built in graphics cards use system memory as their own, so you still have 256mb total physical memory, but after the graphics card has taken 64mb for itself, only 192mb available for normal programs.


  fujitsu boy 11:48 18 Mar 2005

Indeed it has, again on the box, got '64mb shared' graphics - question answered, thanks very much HTH R.

I thought buying a new laptop with 256 etc... would be so much faster etc... thank my old IBM Thinkpad, 5 years old, 128 RAM, 500 MHZ... but it isn't? I am using the old IBM now rather than my new one... It's strange how technological and spec improvements don't always really help!!

  Rigga 13:32 18 Mar 2005

FYI (For Your Info), HTH means Hope That Helps.. :)

Should really stop using acronyms, but they are so much faster to type.....


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