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  Hitch-Hiker 12:20 31 May 2004

can you mix sd ram and ddr ram?

  Graham ® 12:40 31 May 2004

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  -Beb- 12:46 31 May 2004

You can use one or the other, there arent many motherboards that support both anyway, and those which do can have one or the other

  Taran 12:48 31 May 2004

The definative answer would depened entirely on the core of the system but it would very probably cause problems.

I often used to run PC100 and PC133 memory on the same system with no problems but that was because the PC133 was treated and run as PC100. In effect it was stepped down and underthrottled.

On the other end of the scale if you put SDRAM into a system designed for DDR that is currently running DDR you are asking a slower component to speed up rather than get a faster component to slow down. That just doesn't work.

Those mainboards that offer both module slot types are normally meant to run banks of one or the other memory type and you wil have to balance the CPU BIOS settings with the memory and so on. It all gets a bit hairy and I can see little reason to want to try it.

The example I gave aboe of PC100 and PC133 is not applicable to more modern systems. PC100 and PC133 ran pretty close to one another overall, not so the more current 2700 memory.

Try asking SDRAM to run on a modern P4 setup and you won't have long to wait for the snap, crackle and pop...

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