RAM added: Hibernation stopped

  Emsie 13:07 27 Jun 2004

I have successfully added 256Mb RAM to my computer to make a total of 512Mb, running Windows ME, and System information acknowledges the upgrade. But ever since then the Hibernation facility will not work. It was working fine before and is still enabled in Power Options. Could there be a connection, or is this a random glitch?
Many thanks for any helpful thoughts on this.

  gold 47 16:52 27 Jun 2004

I have never run 512mb of ram with WME i found it caused my computer to lock up if you didn't have this before you increased the ram this is your problem,i use to run 320mb no problem then.

  Mister Splendid 17:15 27 Jun 2004

Try disabling hibernation, rebooting and then re-enabling hibernation. This should create a new hiberfil.sys file of the right size to cope with your increased ram.

  Emsie 10:22 28 Jun 2004

Thank you for the advice. I followed Mister Splendid's remedy, but alas it hasn't done the trick: the computer powers down, only to re-awaken immediately to the desktop.
(Concerning the amount of RAM, I took advice from my Evesham vendor and the Crucial manufacturers, who both assured me that 512Mb would be fine on my system, though any more than that could make it unstable.)
I do appreciate your thoughts on all this.

  Emsie 17:23 19 Jul 2004

I finally had to remove the extra RAM. My computer didn't even like 384MB. I'd tried rearranging the modules to have the largest amount in the first slot: the computer acknowledged it but requested the Restore Disc to start. Downhill from there. RAM removed. The upheaval led to so many glitches, and 3 reformats. So - anyone else with my setup might like to take note. (Windows ME, Athlon 1GHz CPU, 30 GB hard drive.)

  Dorsai 18:17 19 Jul 2004

There is a work-around for using ME and large amount or ram.

I used it and successfully had ME running for a few weeks with 1Gb memory, till my new XP disk and the New HDD's arrived. IT has to do with limiting the amound of memeory the windows memory manager uses for some task. In some cases the memory manager grabs all the ram for this task, and leavs none left for anything else. To do with the program being only 16 or 32 bit (or somesuch) so it can only count up to 512Mb. then it gets confused, as more than 512 causes it to roll over and die (number is toooo big...infinity...or like a car mileomiter, rolls back to zero and starts againg i think?). can't remember what to do though. will try remember.

  Emsie 09:26 20 Jul 2004

Thanks for this - sounds very interesting. If you find the instructions I'd be very pleased to hear them.

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