Txerra 22:40 18 Jul 2003

When I tried to plug more RAM for my computer it would not take it all. I went up to 312 or something in spite of having put over 400Mb in Ram. At the minute is running with 256Mb of RAM.

I check my Motherboard (GA-BX2000 Intel 440BX AGPset)and It is supposed to take that much

My proccesor is a Celeron 550(an old Celeron) and It struggles to run windows XP

ANy suggestions guys?

Thanks a lot,

  Jomi 22:51 18 Jul 2003

click here for a system to check the correct ram for your system. Also you should put the biggest ram chip in the number one slot.

  DieSse 23:21 18 Jul 2003

It's not commonly appreciated that not all SD RAM modules are the same type, having different internal organisation of the RAM, and/or different numbers of bits per chip.

The upshot is that newer modules are often only recognised at half their true capacity in older boards (such as BX boards).

Older organised RAM modules are sometimes referred to as Double Sided modules (ie chips on both sides), as it takes twice as many chips to reach the same capacity.

  Willow12 23:24 18 Jul 2003

Also check that your Motherboard doesn't require the same RAM values. I.E. with mine I can have up to 3 128mb, 3 256mb or 3 512mb but I cannot mix the values.

  davidg_richmond 23:39 18 Jul 2003

What size was the new RAM? 256Mb? The main thing to watch out for as DieSse mentions is the configuration of the Ram, as chips for 256Mb usually come with 8 32Mb chips (on both sides) or 4 64Mb chips (on one side only). Some boards can only take 16Mb or 32Mb chips. Just count the chips and let us know how many there are.

  Txerra 00:37 20 Jul 2003

Hi guys,

Thanks a lot for your responses.
I have three chips: 256Mb, 128Mb and 64Mb.

I have been trying them out in every posible combination and the only thing I got was:
192Mb or 250Mb

I have tried the 198 and 256 on their own too. But it only takes 256mb, however the position I place them.

Regarding to my motherboard I am a bit confused. I am going to show what the manual says to see whether you can throw some light into it:
- Use 8/16/32/64/128/256MB DIMM module DRAM
- 4 banks 168 DIMM module socket on board

  Txerra 00:41 20 Jul 2003

I sent it out accidentaly before I had finished:
- Supports 3.3V SRAM
- SUpporst ECC or Non ECC type DRAM
- Supports Suspend To RAM option

Thanks again,


  DieSse 00:53 20 Jul 2003

Please try the following -

The 64Mb on its own - how much is detected?

The 128Mb on it's own - how much is detected?

The 256Mb on it's own - how much is detected?

Unfortunately the one thing the manual does not say, is what RAM organisations are supported, and I can tell you, from my experiences, your motherboard probably only supports the older type chips on the modules.

  Txerra 16:53 20 Jul 2003

Thanks DieSse,

I checked what you suggested and the results are:
With 256 it is detected only 128Mb,
for the rest it detects as it should...
I assume that It does not detect over 128Mb.
I have installed the three chips now and It goes up to 320Mb= 128(256) +128 +64

So i think that is it, isn't it? Can I set my motherboard to detect over 128Mb or there is nothing I can do on that respect??

However, i have now another problem (Much more IMPORTANT). The computer has been behaving very funny. It fails to open up properly some programs like Nero, it seems that the program is being open but half way through the program crashes.

Similarly, It is running very slowly since the RAM changes and checks. Now, It keeps on going into a black screen state and making a racket, a terrible noise like a police siren.

I could no switch it off . I could restart it though. However, few minutes later It did THE Black screen and noice again (what a nuisance noice!!!).

I thought that it could be the temperature of the chip or the power supplier fan(I must mention I had problems wih the power supplier before this is quite new about four months), so as I speak(write) i have gone into the BIOS to check it and it reads as follows:

-Shutdown Temp:75C
-Current Temperature (after at least 10'of being swithced on)CPU: 71C, it started on 67C And the computer seems very hot.. No 75C and it going up i am going to switch it off before it explodes...the case is piping hot at the back

-Temperature Alarm CPU: No
-Fan Fail ALarm: [CPU: No - Power:No- Panel: No]
-Current Fan Speed(RPM):
CPU: Varies from 950 up to 2000
Power: 0
Panel: 0

I am abit confused I thought it could be the temperature, but the Temperature Alarm CPU field is set up to 'No'... So ????? Could it be a virus????

Please help, I have now 320Mb of RAM and a crazy machine ....god !!

Thanks a lot for your help guys.


  davidg_richmond 17:36 20 Jul 2003

According to Gigabyte your mb 'Supports 8/16/32/64/128/256 MB SDRAM DIMM Module', '8MB to 1GB DRAM size'. So there should not be any issue with the size of RAM you have in. I still think that it is the arrangement and size of chips on the 256Mb stick, it is common that older boards do not take newer memory types. Please count the chips on the 256Mb stick and let me know.

Strangely enough, your CPU temperature is about right for a Celeron 550Mhz. I wouldn't worry about that, but if the case itself is hot I would consider sorting out a case fan or get a more powerful PSU (if you have a low wattage PSU I am guessing that it is overworked at the moment).

  DieSse 17:48 20 Jul 2003

The CPU fan is faulty - replace it quickly - a speed of 900-2000 means it is sticky. You should be looking at a constant (ish) speed much higher.

No you cannot change your motherboard to detect RAM modules of over 128Mb. That's not the problem - it's the wrong type of 256Mb module - get the right type and it will detect it fine.

You should also change your BIOS settings to correctly monitor temperature and fan speed.


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