matt1234 23:00 30 May 2005


I have an 8year old gateway running xp home and i have an old one in the loft running a p3 with 2 sticks of 64mb how do i know if the 8year old pc will take the RAM?

The 8 year old pc has 2x 32mb sticks and 1 64mb how do i identify them?

Ive been and tryed the cruicial site but my model number is not there.


  Dorsai 23:16 30 May 2005

How old is the PC with the ram you want to use. If it's about the same age, you MIGHT be lucky.

For starters I would take the ram out of the doner PC, and have a look at it. It should have a label on it, giving details about make/model, and more importantly, it's spec.

The same should be true for the ram in the PC you want to put it in.

Have a look.

You might find that the ram in one PC looks radically different from the ram in the other, in which case you lucked out. If it looks the same though.....

Read the labels, and post what they say back here. Someone whould be able to give sutable advice.

  quack 23:23 30 May 2005

I'm afraid you will have to resort to trial and error. Take the memory out of the computers and try them in the computer you wish to run them in. If it doesn't like them it won't boot so then you take them out and replace the originals. At the age of the machine (8 years) you could still be running SIMMS memory (although this is doubtful given the size in Mb of the memory ie 2x32Mb and 1x64Mb) in which case the DIMMS won't fit into the slots. If the computer runs the 2X64Mb from the second machine you could then try adding the 64Mb from the original.

  wee eddie 23:25 30 May 2005

Belarc should be able to tell what MoBo your Gateway has. Get it from a link in the Downloads section.

Then search Crucial for that, you may be luckier, however it is likely to be EDO Ram which is still pricey.

  matt1234 23:30 30 May 2005

that was what i was gonna do

But can i damage the machine?

  Dipso 00:16 31 May 2005

...you have an 8 year old PC running XP home. I tried to load Windows ME on an 8 year old and failed. What processor is it?

  matt1234 00:17 31 May 2005


  Dipso 00:28 31 May 2005

That explains it. Mines a Pentium I.

  matt1234 00:29 31 May 2005

oh k

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