jesta 13:12 07 Apr 2005

i am wondering what does CAS and latency mean on RAM?i have read about these in foums but i have never understood what it meant, so would someone shed some light and tell me what it means.


  TomJerry 14:04 07 Apr 2005


  jesta 14:06 07 Apr 2005

thanks for the info.
so will a 2gb geil cas3 RAM be anygood for gaming?
will i see any noticable difference between cas3 and cas2 while gaming and running everday application?

  TomJerry 14:14 07 Apr 2005

if you want to get ultimate gaming performance

(1) get the fastest graphics card

(2) get a big monitor with fast response time

(3) get a pair of Raptor HDDs and make them as Raid 0 striped set

(4) get Intel P4 Extrame Edition processor

  jesta 15:41 07 Apr 2005

ok, i had a feeling that it wouldnt have such a big difference but being with extreme gamers scared me a bit with all them sayin "my ram is a CAS2" instead of saying how many gb of ram they have.
cheers for ya help

  jesta 15:53 07 Apr 2005

one more thing, does the cas affect overclocking?

  Jdoki 16:53 07 Apr 2005

Unless you are serious about overclocking your rig then memory, in my experience, is the least important factor - but you should always buy the best you can afford.

The difference in cost between 1GB of Crucial PC3200 Value and 1GB of pretty much any of the top of line memory modules is approx 100quid.

You would see a much bigger performance increase by investing that 100quid in to a better graphics card or CPU.

It all depends if you have the Overclockers Mentality of 'buy something slow and make it go faster', rather than the 'buy the best and upgrade again in a couple of years' mentality that most of us have.

To be perfectly honest you don't really need to know what each timing does or means, all you need to know is how far you can push your system by following a tried and trusted OC'ing method applicable to your CPU.

I have overclocked many systems, and whilst I have an appreciation of what each number respresents - CAS, RAS to CAS, RAS precharge, Cycle time (Tras) and Command per Clock (CPC), I don't need to worry about them beyond looking for the perfect settings to get the best stable overclock (on an AMD 64 CPU the RAM timings are generally agreed to be near 2-2-2-5 1T).

If you have an interest in OC'ing then go to somewhere like click here and look in their forums. For a specific link on overclocking an A64 based system have a look at this link click here it has a bit of info on memory timings.

The bottom line is if you are going to play with voltages and dive in to your BIOS to fiddle with timings then buy expensive RAM (I'll post some info I got from a magazine that ran an indepth test of RAM recently when I get home), but if you are not interested in OC'ing, or are only looking to 'softclock' your rig by a few MHz on the FSB and CPU then invest the money in one of the other components in your build.

  jesta 17:14 07 Apr 2005

cheers for the post,i probably wont be going into extreme overclocking, i jus prob being doing a bit of soft clock.i was wondering this because i saw a twin 512mb stick from corsair with cas2 for £180 and with that price i could buy a geil pair of cas3 1gb ram and save £30. i probably go for geil ram when i build my new pc in june.now i understand what cas means and just ignore it.lol :D

  Jdoki 09:52 08 Apr 2005

Here's a run down on the current 'best of class' memory.

Low latency PC3200 DRR
Patriot XBLK Extreme Bandwidth.

This is fantastically fast and gives good headroom for OC'ing (if it ever takes your fancy)! :) About 185quid will get you two 512MB modules.

Highly overclockble PC3200 DDR
Corsair TwinX 1024-4400C25

Massively overclockable and about 195quid for 2x512Mb

Basic PC3200 DDR with some OC'ing headroom
Scan OEM Elixir
Scan OEM Samsung
Kingston ValueRAM KVR400X 64C3AK2/1G

Going from top to bottom, 80quid, 90quid and 105quid (for 2x512Mb modules) - they are all top quality, and will allow you to push an Athlon 64 based system up to about 220MHz on the FSB from 200MHz.

I won't comment on DDR2 stuff as using an Intel chip for gaming is a 'punishable by death' offense in my opinion! :)

  Jdoki 09:57 08 Apr 2005

Hmm, would appear I lost a few line breaks in my above post.

Just to clear it up...

Low Latency DDR = Patriot XBLK Extreme Bandwidth

Best for OC'ing = Corsair TwinX 1024-4400C25

Best Value = Scan OEM Elixir, OR Scan OEM Samsung, OR Kingston ValueRAM KVR400X 64C3AK2/1G

Good luck in June when you build you new system, jesta!

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