Thatslife 15:10 16 Mar 2005

I bought my new comp with 512MB of RAM with the intention of sticking another 512MB in straight away.

The PC literature stated it had 512 DDR RAM. Sandra lite tells me it's 512 SDRAM - and as I'm about to buy some more I'm confused!

I thought RAM could be either DDR or SD?? and DDR was the best?

Have I been stitched up like a kipper??

  Buchan 35 15:20 16 Mar 2005

Probably not. Some of these diagnostic programmes may make mistakes, try Belarc Advisor. I haven`t got the web address but if you just go back to pc advisors first google page it1s about three places down the list

  SANTOS7 15:25 16 Mar 2005

Last modified: Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Short for Double Data Rate-Synchronous DRAM, a type of SDRAM that supports data transfers on both edges of each clock cycle (the rising and falling edges), effectively doubling the memory chip's data throughput. DDR-SDRAM also consumes less power, which makes it well-suited to notebook computers. DDR-SDRAM is also called SDRAM II. and DDRAM..

  Buchan 35 15:29 16 Mar 2005

Thanks for that , the learning cycle goes on

  medicine hat 15:31 16 Mar 2005

Motherboards can generally only take one type of RAM so if you know what board it is you can find out for sure, probably look at click here

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