knobler 17:43 23 Oct 2003

My computer is very slow at start up and when opening programs etc.

I have 128mb of RAM and want to know how to find out what type of memory to buy!!

I was thinking of going to 256mb but not sure if 512mb woulb be better?

Thanks in advance!

  feb 17:50 23 Oct 2003

Hi Knobler
Take a look here click here I found them very helpful, Just give them your pc info and they do the rest

  pj123 17:51 23 Oct 2003

Give us some information on what computer you have. What is the speed of the processor, does it have shared memory with the graphics card, what operating system are you using etc.....

  gold 47 17:52 23 Oct 2003

What OS are you running if it is W98 or ME 128mb or above is fine XP 500mb if you use 500mb on W98 or ME it might lock up have you defragmented your hard drive??.

  knobler 18:02 23 Oct 2003

Windows ME, Pentium III, 256 Cache, 20Gb Hard disk - 10.5GB free,

What else can I provide? Belarc has printed 4 pages of data (thanks feb)

Not sure if the graphics card has shared memory - gulp!!!!

  knobler 18:04 23 Oct 2003

Defragment on a pretty regular basis.

Try to clear as much old rubbish as possible but a bit scared to delete anything that sounds a bit techy!!

  feb 18:12 23 Oct 2003

Go to the site input your information and they will advise you of the type of upgrade you need you don't have to buy from them but they seem quite reasonable. They also answer questions regarding the Win ME problem with more than 500 Mb

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