Ralink Wireless LAN card switching connections

  Krazykral 11:28 27 Aug 2007

Hi. I'm using a Ralink Wireless LAN card to connect to my router. Until a few days ago, I haven't had any problem connecting the network (apart from Tiscali being an incompetent ISP). I am now being consistantly switched between two connections, which is visible after clicking the large "K" in my taskbar. The correct connection has 100% signal, whereas the one it automatically switches to has only 55-60% signal, which isn't strong enough to connect. I now have to manually click the 100% one to connect. This has only just started to happen and was wondering if there's anything I can do to prevent it from automatically switching.

  ambra4 11:46 27 Aug 2007

Change the network channel and the SSID Name plus add the security

  Krazykral 12:04 27 Aug 2007

Ok, how would I go about doing that? There isn't any options in the Ralink menu to let me change the SSID name or the network channel

  ambra4 13:22 27 Aug 2007

Setting Up The Wireless System

You have to setup the SSID address on the router first

By default some wireless router come setup with the manufacture name as the SSID address 3Com, Linksys, Belkin etc, you can change the SSID to what ever you want, 452john06 or ezyclip01 etc.

Write it down; as the same name must be used on the wireless device when set it up to access the wireless router.

Do not setup the security system as yet, make sure that you can access the router and browse the Internet first, and then setup the security system.

If you get it wrong the wireless device will not access the wireless router or the Internet

Check out this site before you setup the wireless system could save you a lot of time and headache.

click here

  Ashrich 23:48 28 Aug 2007

You mention a large " K " on the task bar , is that the software suite that came with the Ralink card ? If it is , use Windows to manage the connection instead , go to ...control panel / networking , right click on your wireless adapter and select " properties , tick the box that says " Allow Windows to manage my wireless connections " or you can un-install the wireless utility and just load the Ralink driver and Windows will automatically manage it that way . Most of these suites are rubbish , Windows seems to make a much better job of it .


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