RAID setup and use

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 17:22 25 Mar 2004

Hi , i have just got my knew mobo and im not sure on the raid bit wheather i can use it or if i need to just continue with the setup i have,i was going to swap the mobo for the one im useing that hasnt got raid so do i need serial ATA drives or can i use my hdd i have now
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is the mobo i have and i have got some cables with it and read the book but its not to clear about the raid bit if i dont need it then i will just use the thing the same as the old mobo.


  cycoze 17:52 25 Mar 2004

To use RAID you need two or more Hard Drives , you can use either paired IDE or paired SATA drives .

Have a look at some older threads click here , click here .

Brilliant board !

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 21:02 25 Mar 2004

HI, thx couple of things i noticed in the other thread it said you needed 2 hdds,well i have 2 drives but they are not the same size and i dont think they are the same speed 1 is 5200rpm and/ 100 and the other bigger drive is 7200/133 so i guess i cannot set raid up with these 2 drives?.


  ade.h 21:03 25 Mar 2004

click here If you decide RAID is for you, which it could be if you want max performance (Raid 0) or rock solid data security (Raid 1) then this link will give you one of the best guides I've seen. Basically, Raid 0 will break up your data across 2 disks for faster access and Riad 1 will create a mirror image of one disk on a second disk. If you have four disks, then the two methods can be combined, but not many people really need to go that far. I would certainly recommend Riad 1 to protect against a disk failure. I've had two such failures in the last year, so I speak from experience, but I'm about to set up a Raid 1 array to avoid another headache

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 23:22 25 Mar 2004

Yes but do both hard drives have to be the same size and speed or can it be done with any 2 drives,it sounds ok if i can do it with what i have otherwise i may give it amiss till i can get another drive.


  cycoze 23:29 25 Mar 2004

If you really want a Raid setup , do it properly ,Yes same size and speed preferably .

Have another read of the two threads i posted above , i dont see RAID as particularly benificial in the home enviroment , prefering to back up to image instead , just my opinion.

  billyliv 00:30 26 Mar 2004

Hi, Just to continue the thread. I bought a PCI ,IDE card thinking that I was going to add two hard drives to my system. I couldn't have been more wrong!! It was a PCI - IDE - Raid card. Once installed, it tried to take over my machine with all sorts of configurations. (If anyone wants it they are welcome to it, as a freebie) I then purchased a proper PCI-IDE 2 Channel card and now have 5 hard drives active. Cheers, Bill

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 11:00 26 Mar 2004

Thanks for the input,i am going to leave the raid bit for now and just concentrate on getting the mobo installed and running ok,then maybe add the raid at a later date when i have the drives needed and understand it a bit more.


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