Raid setup isnt workin! Have I lost EVERYTHING?!!!

  Muckleface 17:32 09 Oct 2003


Ive just turned on my PC and got a message saying that theres a problem with the Raid Array!

I have two 80Gb drives set up using an stripe Array, but now its showing that the second drive is "free" where as the first one is "Array 1"!!!

Both drives are being detected so its not a power issue, it must be something to do with the Array?!!

PLEASE tell me how I can get my data back! I feel physically sick with the thought that I may have lost some very important stuff.



  Rayuk 18:12 09 Oct 2003

On boot up can you get into raid bios/set up to see what is happening?

  Rayuk 18:49 09 Oct 2003

I am at the moment updating drivers /bios for my raid card and came across this in the Promise faq

If one of the RAID 0 hard drives has failed, it is not possible to recover your data. If all of the members of the array are still functioning, it may be possible to recover your data. In the FastBuild BIOS utility, delete the array and re-create it [ IMPORTANT: Make sure that when you recreate the array you use exactly the same array settings (RAID level, drive assignments, and stripe size) of the original array ]. Going offline may indicate trouble with a hard drive, so it is recommended to perform a data backup and then perform a disk diagnostic on the hard drives.

This is using an add on raid card you dont say what you are using

  Muckleface 12:48 10 Oct 2003

Im using the built in RAID function on the MSI k7n2g Motherboard.

Both drives are detected and seem to be working but only one is in "array 1" while the other is "free".

Ive had this problem happen once before and deleted and then re-created the array but it didnt work and I still lost everything.

Do you think I should take my PC to a local computer shop to see if they can recover the contents of both drives using their specialist machines?


  Muckleface 13:11 10 Oct 2003


I tried to ring my local computer shop but I nobody was answering the phone so in a moment of frustration I thought "s*d it, ill do what Rayuk said"...


Thank you so much Rayuk, you have seriously helped me out no end as I had so many important things on my computer that I could have lost, but now havent!!!

Now Im going to back up EVERYTHING and ENSURE that I backup REGULARLY!

Thanks again!



  Rayuk 17:21 10 Oct 2003

Glad to help you have found out the importance of backing up,with just a scare and not the real thing.

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