RAID setup

  papa lazarous 10:14 19 May 2003

I've currently got 2 x 80gb drives striped on the same IDE cable. I've read that the performance will be better if I put one drive on each of the RAID channels. Can I do this just by recabling the drives or will I need to recreate the array and lose all of my data?

  The Transporter 11:01 19 May 2003

You should only have one hard drive connected to 1 raid cable. The data should not change at all. Just make sure one is a master and the other is a slave and in your bios setup make sure it boots off of the correct hard drive.

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hope it helps

  mrdsgs 11:36 19 May 2003

i hope this helps as the above is not quite true!

in a RAID setup striping (RAID O) with two disks in the Raid array you should have only one disk on the end connector of each IDE/Raid cable with nothing on the middle connector. BOTH Hds should be set as MASTER.

If you have a RAID O array with 3 or 4 drives, that is when you have two drives on an IDE cable.

Try changing the jumper of the hd currently in the middle of the ide cable to master, and put it at the end of another cable. Check the other hd is also set to master.


if your setup will boot, great, if not, leave well alone unless you want to reconfigure the array having first backed up your os/data.


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