RAID SATA setup very confusing

  Mysticnas 15:52 25 Dec 2003

Seasons greetings to all... ;o)

I've got 2 80gb SATA drives. I want to setup them up in RAID 0 and install the XPpro on them.

I've currently got 120gb and 40gb drives, XPpro installed on the 40GB drive. I want to keep current OS drive as it is, just incase summat goes wrong with my new SATA setup.

I thought it'd be quite simple, plug in drives, get bios to boot from CD. reboot my pc and intall XP pro from the CD and setup raid during the installation...

I read the manual that came with my motherboard (Gigabyte GA-SINXP1394) and well it confused me! The bad english doesn't help either.

it says to copy the SATA controller to a floppy disk. This bit seems easy enough.

Then it says then to press F6 when windows boots up... I don't understand, i want to install XP on them fresh, so how will they boot into XP?

What shall i do?

Would it be best to install the SATA controller now, setup SATA raid0 all from my current windows setup and then install windows on them fresh?

  Rayuk 15:57 25 Dec 2003

Put you drives on the sata controller then when it boots up it asks you to press XX keys and set up raid array.Do this then reboot with your WinXP in the cdrom[dont forget to alter the boot sequence to boot from the cdrom first]

When you are setting up and you press F6 it will carry on loading files then ask you to select driver/put disk into a drive and point the installation to it,it will load the driver and then you just carry on as normal and instal Winxp

  Rayuk 16:00 25 Dec 2003

PS have boot up sequence cdrom/then either sata or scsi otherwise it will boot up via your original hard drive already installed with Windows

  Rayuk 16:10 25 Dec 2003

PPS If it is onboard raid of course dont forget to enable it either in the bios or with a jumper pn the motherboard.

  Rayuk 16:30 25 Dec 2003

Just had a quick look at the motherboard manual for GA81NXP.

Settings in bios I think you should alter

Advanced Bios Features

sata/raid/scsiBoot order -sata

Integrated Peripherals

Onboard H/W serial ata - enabled
Serial ata function - raid
Onboard ata/raid device - disabled
Raid controler function - ata

  Mysticnas 16:41 25 Dec 2003


Plug in drives, enable onboard functions, then on boot it should pick up the fact that i got SATA drives installed and will prompt me like you said for RAID array.

Then when that's done, i have to reboot.

Now set to boot from CD and install XPpro. and hey presto?

oh just another thing, If i choose to clone my current windows installation to raid setup, will that affect the performance of the raid setup? or will it just be better to have it clean installed?

  Mysticnas 16:53 25 Dec 2003

what will about about the drive letter allocation? i take it won't be C drive as my 40gb drive is drive C.

I used to have my old windows installation on dirve X and that affect some installs later on. so i want it as drive C. will i have to remove the 40gb drive for the new raid setup to be recognised as C???

  Rayuk 16:59 25 Dec 2003

I would personally unhitch both drives so your new ones will take over top spot.

Not 100% sure but I think you would have to instal the sata drivers onto your old drive before you cloned the new.

If you have Broadband connection new instal would be my advice for updates.Hell of a job on 56k

  Mysticnas 17:01 25 Dec 2003

remove both 40 & 120 drives? i thought i'd only have to remove the current C drive?

  Rayuk 17:07 25 Dec 2003

Just as easy to remove 2 connections thats all.

If you leave 1 connected just watch and make sure winxp instals onto C:
Happened to me once where after installing xp found it had loaded on as E

  Mysticnas 17:08 25 Dec 2003

thanks for that.

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