RAID on a non-RAID mobo: software or PCI or?

  DeanGoods 15:04 23 Jun 2010

About eight months ago I chose a well-appointed ASUS mobo. It took ages to decide which one suited my pocket and my needs. I was so happy, I bought two to standardise both my boxes.

Sadly, as I'm just about to install RAID1 (I want easy recovery from HD failure), I find it doesn't have built-in RAID although it does have ICH10. I now discover, for RAID, I need ICH10R - the devil's in the detail, eh?

I couldn't find the spec anywhere on ASUS website and it has taken 6 days to get confirmation from them that it is not in fact a RAID board.

Any ideas what solutions are available to me? The mobo is ASUS P5QL-VM EPU and it has six SATA slots. Which? magazine stated it was RAIDed.

  Mr Mistoffelees 15:41 23 Jun 2010

I found your board on the ASUS website click here and there is, indeed, no mention of RAID support.

  retep888 15:48 23 Jun 2010

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