Raid with IDE and SATA??

  [DELETED] 22:04 07 Jun 2006

Can I have a RAID setup with one IDE hard drive and one SATA drive???
If not how do I transfer 200gb of data to a new SATA drive from an IDE drive??
Any help much appreciated.

  [DELETED] 22:39 07 Jun 2006

The answer is no, you cant RAID a SATA and a PATA

You will have to remove the IDE ribbon from the PATA, plug the SATA in and Install XP.

When installed and you have updated XP, then you can plug the PATA drive back in.

Now ensure you boot to the new installation and then copy all your documents over to the new SATA drive. Then format the PATA drive and use that as the slave for all your documents

  [DELETED] 23:15 07 Jun 2006

In theory you could build a RAID 1 (mirror) always provided the new drive is equal to or larger than existing drive with data on it and your mobo chipset supports an IDE skt/SATA skt RAID configuration.

If you have a Promise chipset for RAID then it is easiest to set up using the FastBuild facility. It's always wise however to back up any critical data first just in case.

You will need to jumper the IDE to Master and connect to a RAID_1 IDE skt. The SATA drive will connect to either of the SATA connectors(assuming you have only 2).

From boot up go into BIOS & from (normally) the Advanced menu ensure the onboard SATA/IDE RAID controller is enabled & ATA Device First is set to Yes.This is typical for the Promise setup.

Hope this helps

  [DELETED] 23:39 07 Jun 2006

Thanks very much. Sounds like a bit of a mission but worth a go. Are SATA drives noticably faster/better than IDE drives?

  [DELETED] 21:53 08 Jun 2006

Unless you do a lot of video editing,in which case stiped RAID using 2 large SATA drives will be a benefit, the actual difference for normal office computing is hardly going to be noticeable.Increasing RAM would be more benificial.

For new boards that support SATA then with the small differential in cost now, it makes sense to go SATA route otherwise, "if it ain't broke don't fix it" seems a sensible ( and cheaper) course.

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