Raid and hard drives

  Liza 18:33 19 Mar 2004

I have built my computer using GA-7N400 Pro2 mobo. I didnot read the manual and so asked the supplier suitable hdd 80gig hitachi.They sent this and is working well. However I noticed the description is7k25080gb 8.5ms 7200rpm 2mb udma10. I want to use the Raid feature for 2 hdds which it appears must be SATA/ATA. I cannot obviously use the hitachi drive so will have to presumably place it in IDE3. I want to buy 2 identical hdds 80gig and install as primary and slave in IDE1 connector. Will this be complicated? My friend says so. If I have this facility then surely I must use it? Can anyone advise please. Thanks


  Rayuk 18:47 19 Mar 2004

You dont have to use anything on the board unless you want to.
A quick look in the manual says ide 3&4 are used for Giga raid.You dont have to use the sata drives you could just get another drive same as you have now to set up raid.

  Taran 19:11 19 Mar 2004

"If I have this facility then surely I must use it"

Why ?

Answer that and you answer whether you actually need a RAID system, as opposed to simply using it because your motherboard happens to have it available.

Questions for you:

1. Why do you want RAID ?

2. What do you expect to get out of it ?

3. Do you think you need it and if so why ?

4. Are you happy about adding the cost of a matched pair of suitable specification hard drives to your system build when you already have a single 80 gig unit available to you ?

5. Are you comfortable about setting up the software side of things with all that it entails if you decide to go for a RAID system ?

There's more to RAID than simply adding suitable disks and most people I know are pretty disappointed in the supposed performance levels which, in some cases, are slower than a single disk system.

  Liza 20:05 19 Mar 2004


Thank you. I think my manual said ide1 and ide2 but because I have the dvdRW in ide2 as master and ls120 as slave I read somewhere that ide1 could be used in the manner I have said. Maybe I misread the connector to be used.

The supplier did say like you that the drive they supplied plus another would do for raid and hdd description ought not necessarily to be sata/ata. Thanks I thought they were bluffing. However I have had to disable raid in my bios because it kept popping up on my screen so I thought if not used it would later on play up. Liza

  Liza 20:16 19 Mar 2004

Hello Taran
1. Why do you want RAID ? Just because its there!
2. What do you expect.. A duplicate set of hd data
3. Do you think you need.. Save me backing up. Had problems before, forgot to backup and lost important data
4. Are you happy about adding the cost of a matched..... Yes.
5. Are you comfortable about setting up the software...No perhaps I could learn?? Would my system be destroyed in the bargain? Perhaps I want to boast to my friend. Thanks anyway. Liza

  cycoze 02:18 20 Mar 2004

As Rayuk said ide3/4 are the ones to use for Raid , you need to put two identical drives (ultra ATA133/100,IDE)attached as the same as master and slave for a RAID1 array known as a Mirror array.

The bios would have to be set followed by running the RAID setup utility , the GigaRAID Function user`s manual that came with your board will explain how to do this .

IDE 1/2 can be used for HDD or Optical`s .

A mirror array is the slowest array you can have, as Taran pointed out , it will be slower that a "normal" setup , striping arrays reputedly being the quicker array , also the worst if a drive should fail.

I have the GA-7N400 Pro2 in one of my machines , its a lovely board , i dont use the RAID facility as i dont see any need for it other than in an office/server capacity and even then i would want another form of removable back up.

I use SATA drives (they didnt cost me anymore than IDE), these drives run a little faster but not so you would notice without bench marking software , some people have found SATA drives troublesome , as all new technology some may suffer teething problems.

Just my opinion but i think by far two IDE drives combined with some backup software like Ghost to produce CD/DVD/removable HDD backups that can be stored off site are by far the best solution.

  Liza 00:39 22 Mar 2004

Hi Cycoze

Many thanks for your advice. I think I'll do without the 2 drives forthe time being. The motherboard and AMD Athlon are running so well and really fast.


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