Raid Drives & Reinstalling Windows

  matt-few 11:56 07 May 2006

I want to reformat my main hard drive with a clean install of Windows XP.

In addition to my main c drive, I have 2 x raid hard drives and the driver floppy for them.

If I restall windows on my main hard drive together (when prompted in xp setup) for the raid drivers, will I loose the data already on my raid drives when the install has completed?

  mentalguy66 20:07 07 May 2006

why do you want to reformat your hard drive??? it is completely unnessecary!!

  Totally-braindead 20:12 07 May 2006

Perhaps overstating things a tad mentalguy66. You don't know why he/she wants to do it. It may be necessary after all.

  ade.h 20:14 07 May 2006

There are many valid reasons for wishing to reinstall an operating system. I had to do one of mine recently.

Matt-few: am I right to assume that your RAID array has a drive letter other than C? If so, just be careful to install Windows onto the C partition when the list of existing partitions appears. You need to remember to delete the partition and format the newly-created free space in order to gain a clean installation.

Could you also let me know what RAID config you are using

  matt-few 21:10 08 May 2006

I thought I had a virus lurking on my machine as strange things were happening. including powering down without me shutting my machine down, increased in junk mail / bounced mail from companies I have never heard of - using a different name with my domain name.

My problem was, after going through the install and loading the drivers for Raid 1(mirroring), windows was automatically installing on the raid drive (also known as D Drive - as separate from my main C Drive). Not what I wanted.

I eventually solved the problem late last night, (by transferring the data on d drive to an external firewire hdd, formatted the D drive and reinstalled windows on C drive

Probably the long way around, but it work!

  ade.h 21:41 08 May 2006

Academic now, but you needed to select which partition to install to, as I touched on briefly in my last post, when I mentioned deleting the c partition to ensure a clean installation. If you just let Windows go ahead and install where it wants, there is always a risk of losing something vital.

  mentalguy66 18:27 20 May 2006

i read in a PC book that re-installing the OS is COMPLETELY unnessecary. it's really just a solve-all-problems-lazily solution. if you push tech support hard, they WILL tell you what is wrong if anything and they WILL tell you how to fix it. what is the problem anyway?

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