Raid Drivers?

  Cook2 23:55 03 Dec 2003

I've just purchased a Bravo XP 3000 120G 512M D?C Combo, bare system and have everything up and running but have one problem I can't sort out.

On Booting it shows Scanning IDE drives.......

the No drive attached to Fastrack controller - the Bios is not installed.

I've tried using the Motherboard CD but get an I/O error 21 when either running the CD or updating driver.

Could anyone point me in the right direction please?

  smegs 00:08 04 Dec 2003

Cook2, Send it Back.

  cycoze 00:36 04 Dec 2003

What hard drives have you got S-ATA or IDE ?

When you say its up and running does that mean you have an OS on it ? you can load drivers during OS setup .

Are you going to use RAID ? if not have you checked through the bios to see if its enabled anywhere ?

  Quiller. 00:38 04 Dec 2003

Are you saying that you have just an ordinary 120 gig IDE hard disk and are not using the raid (Fastrack controller)?

If so then try disabling it in the bios before you ship it back. you say

"the Bios is not installed."

That it is not activated in the bios?

  Quiller. 00:40 04 Dec 2003

So cycoze nipped out for a can of stella from the fridge half way through. :)

  Cook2 01:09 04 Dec 2003

Smegs :)

I've installed XP PRO and all my other programs and everything works fine.

Not sure what RAID is but I have the IDE RAID drivers, on floppy, but can't install them even when trying to update driver. Is there any advantages to using RAID?

I'll have a check through the BIOS again in case I'm missing something. I'll do that now.

Smegs. It's quite a nice system, honest. Don't make me send it back. :(

  Cook2 01:29 04 Dec 2003

I've now disabled RAID in the BIOS and no longer get the messages I mentioned at the start of this thread, however, the USB's, which I forgot to mention earlier, are still showing as Removable Drives.

Is there any advantage to trying to get the RAID working or shall I leave well alone?

  ton 03:39 04 Dec 2003

You need at least two hard drives to use raid.
Do a search, there are plenty of sites with info.

Raid is not really practical. I have a raid mobo, but only for the extra IDE connections.

I wouldn't say raid is not really practical. I have two drives set up in raid 1 array, i.e. one drive mirrors the other.In the event of a drive failure, the other one will take over without loss of data.

  Quiller. 09:55 04 Dec 2003


"So cycoze nipped out for a can of stella from the fridge half way through. :) "

Should of read

Sorry cycoze, I nipped out for a can of stella from the fridge half way through. :)

Sorry it sounded totally wrong first time round.:(

  cycoze 16:34 04 Dec 2003

Where are the USB`s showing as removable drives ? bios or windows ?

Two threads maybe worth a look at click here and click here regarding sata and raid.

bsod - no worries :o), i knew what you meant .

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