RAID drive

  redshift300 13:13 07 Jul 2007

I have been asked to sort out a computer by a friend. I need to rebuild all the software. I have discovered that the machine is fitted with a raid ata serial hard drive. Can I format this drive in the normal way and then reinstall his windows operating system. Many thanks in advance.

  redshift300 14:08 07 Jul 2007

Beta thanks for your quick answer. I am very familiar with normal fat32 hd's not familiar with RAID, just to be on the safe side what do you mean rebuilding the array.

  Batch 15:36 07 Jul 2007

RAID requires 2 or more physical hard disks that work in a co-operative way, mostly to improve resilience. See click here

RAID works at the disk controller level.

A PC may have a RAID controller, but just one disk. In which case RAID is not enabled.

Alternatively there may be more than one disk (on the same controller) and with RAID not enabled - so they work just as seprate disks.

With RAID enabled, one of the RAID options from the link above may be used. Note that not all controllers support all forms of RAID.

  redshift300 16:20 07 Jul 2007

Hi Batch
Thanks for replying. If I give you the configuration maybe you can answer my first question (Can I just format this drive) I did not build this machine, if I had done it would have been different.
This m/c has one SCSI hard drive MAXTOR 7 L250S0 connected to SATA 1 on the mother board.
In the BIOS On Chip SATA Mode Select is set to RAID.
Without doing an FDISK can I just format this drive and reinstall windows.
Many thanks in advance

  Batch 16:53 07 Jul 2007

I can't know the specifics of the actual PC. It may be that if RAID is enabled for a single disk, it just acts as if it is non-RAID. The alternative is to switch off RAID in the BIOS. In either case, you should just treat it as a single physical disk.

On a slightly different matter - you say that the disk is SCSI and the controller (on the mobo) is SATA. SCSI and SATA [as well as ATA (aka PATA or IDE) ] are different standards (see click here for more info). If it is a home PC, unless someone has got an old one from work, it is very unlikely to be SCSI. Even them most office PCs would be ATA or SATA as SCSI tends to be used for servers.

  Batch 18:45 07 Jul 2007

In fact it isn't just Windows, but any software - as I said b4, RAID is implemented in the disk controller.

Just go ahead and try it and see what happens. If it doesn't work, then investigate.

  redshift300 19:36 07 Jul 2007

Everyone thanks for your help.
As I said before I did not build this machine.
It is suffering from a very corrupt windows operating system possibly due to viruses. I just did not want to do any harm to the HD before formatting it. Once again many thanks.

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