RAID controller problem

  y_not 18:19 08 Sep 2003

I am using an Epox mainboard with RAID and Highpoint HPT370(A) drivers.

This has worked fine now for almost a year. In the past few days I have started to find that one of the HDD's on RAID is not being recognised. I changed the BIOS setting from Auto to LBA and this seemed to cure the problem....until today.

Once again the HDD is not seen. I have again reset the BIOS, this time to CHK, and again the drive is seen - but I don't know for how long.

It may not be related but one HDD on the main IDE's has suddenly started to cause problems, I was able to copy a VIDEO_TS file to it but when I tried to write it back to DVD the burner fell over due to buffer under-runs! I tried defrag and checking the drive but again Windows complained that it wasn't able to.

System spec includes: Duron 1200, 756 Mb RAM, 5 HDD's, NEC DVD burner, Epox mainboard.

Sorry its so long - can anyone help, please?

  Bodi 18:48 08 Sep 2003

run a thorough check on the suspect hard drive and back it up. Sounds to me as if this may be starting to fail.

May not be the problem, but worth a thought.


  y_not 19:11 08 Sep 2003

Thanks Bodi.

Reading these threads regularly I make a point of backing up everything important once per week. The drive is an IBM only a little over a year old but I seem to remember lots of bad comments about them.

If the drive is failing I guess I'll just have to put it down to experience ... buy cheap etc.

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