Raid Controller

  User-402BA281-1CFE-4FE3-9D45502C58B38958 12:31 10 Mar 2006

Hi Guys

This may sound a silly question but i may just be being stupid? i have bough a raid ATA 133 controller now my machine recognises it no problems! if i have all my HDDs and DVDs fitted there are no power cables to go to the extra HDD i want to add via the RAID now the stupid bit do i need the power connector and if so can i get and external one that i can use to connect the HDD while using the raid or is it best to ise IDE - USB
thanks for help

  Big Elf 12:33 10 Mar 2006

You can get power splitter cables that allow you to increase the number of connections. Usually a few pounds from somewhere like Maplin Electronics.

  Big Elf 12:38 10 Mar 2006

Akasa "Y" Power Splitter (CB-006-GE) £1.50 from click here

Thnks for help and quick response

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