raid card-advice please

  holly polly 13:23 16 Aug 2003

hi got to install a new hard drive this one has had it ,contacted a local shop who as hard drives at a very competitive price,however my system is not a relatively new system hence the motherboard only supports upto ata 66 -most drives are now quoted as ata 100 or 133 so i would not get the optium transfer rates that a 133 drive supports ,he did however suggest a workaround ,where to install a raid card into one of my spare pci slots this would then achieve the optium transfer rate and best stability,my question is have i been correctly advised or am i being took for a ride?-as usual all replies greatfully recieved -cheers -hol pol...
ps any links where i can purchase these components prices against his would be very helpful...

  holly polly 16:04 16 Aug 2003


  Rayuk 16:55 16 Aug 2003

Its not a raid card you want but an ata100 pci card.I would not bother as I dont think you will notice the difference just swap the hard drives over.

  holly polly 18:24 16 Aug 2003

ok rayuk but the reason i asked was one of reliability though the drives are backward compatiable ,does it make commonsense to have comparable transfer rates,therefore i know a raid card would ,as a raid card is a way of extending the ide ports on your comp ie plug raid card into mobo ata 66 max plug hard drive into relavent ide slot on raidcard ata 100 or 133 ,result new hard drive sees ata compatability =reliability=everything rosey ,is this the case,cheers -hol pol...

  Rayuk 18:57 16 Aug 2003

A raid card is for multiple drives running as 1.
What you want is an pci ide controller card
which is much cheaper as well
click here

click here
Not cheap

  oglemire 22:03 17 Aug 2003

RAID gives fault tolorence .... i.e. if a hard drive fails the other drives in the array will either reconstruct the lost data out of parity or have a complete data back up depending on what kind of RAID you are using such as 1 or 5 . RAID 0 is the non fault tolorent exception where data is striped across 3 or more drives giving faster read and write speeds. From my experince you should use the drive that is compatable with your PC as most would not notice any difference with a faster drive.

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