yabadabado 10:08 13 Jul 2006

Im looking to get a raid 5 controller, which will have 5+ hard disks. i already have 2*250 gig IDE drives and am looking to purchase 3 more 250 or 300 gig drives.

The main reason for teh raid 5 is to serve files over a network mainly video for editing.

Firstly should i look to purchase sata drives and IDE->sata converteres for the two drives i have or should i get 3 more IDE drives?

Secondly can anyone recommend a decent PCI RAID controller card for the 5 drives and supports RAID5?
looking to spend abuot £100 - £150 max for the card...

  yabadabado 00:48 17 Jul 2006

bump + no info or input?

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