RAID 0 stripe size

  Mister Splendid 20:39 09 Apr 2004

I am about to have a second Western Digital Raptor, 36GB. I'm going to set up a RAID 0 striped configuration. Can anyone with experience suggest what might be the optimum stripe size running under Windows XP Pro?

  SANTOS7 20:52 09 Apr 2004

click here this should give you the info you need, happy holiday

  Mister Splendid 22:20 09 Apr 2004


  Mister Splendid 18:29 10 Apr 2004


  Mister Splendid 19:04 14 Apr 2004

Thank-you SANTOS7 but unfortunately your link was of little use to me. I have since been in touch with Western Digital support. They tell me that my configuration will work best for speed (read/write speeds of 100-110MBs per second) with a stripe size of 128KBs.

  Rayuk 19:12 14 Apr 2004

click here

Seems to be either 64 or 128 according to the above

  Mister Splendid 21:29 15 Apr 2004

Thanks Rayuk, that would seem to confirm what Western Digital are telling me.

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