Raid 0 software

  Wilham 21:21 14 Feb 2003

I have read that because Raid 0 is not really raid it does not need a raid controller, and it can be set up with simple software. It seems logical but is it just in theory?
I see mobo's can now come with built-in raid controllers, and with little if any extra cost.
I need raid 0 to edit/transfer my DV tapes to DVD without loss. I've used scsi up to now, 4.5 GB, 50 line. It went to 68, is now higher. The latest quality DV edit sw kits continue to recommend scsi, and it still costs a fortune compared with IDE. Raid 0, which doubles the HD speed, appears attractive.
If I buy two IDE 80GB HD's, is it possible to set up a raid 0 partition, say E, 100GB made up of 50+50 from each HD, and also to make up independent partitions C and D from the remnants? Raid 0 has to have a single split partition, and it's greedy, but what a handicap if the whole setup has to be under this,- just for the occasional DV edit!

  Rayuk 21:23 14 Feb 2003

You can partition the 2 drives as if it was just one as you normally would.

  Wilham 21:45 14 Feb 2003

Raid 0 doubles the risk of complete collapse. OK, with 200k hours mtbf who cares? Also, for edit/transfer DV/DVD, source data is not lost, you don't wipe the tapes before final DVD.
For general use the striping appears to sometimes get out of step. I'd much prefer to keep raid 0 just for movies,...if I can.

  Rayuk 18:30 15 Feb 2003

I think I understand what you mean now.Use half of each for Raid0 then other half of each as independant drives.
No go as far as I am aware.

  jazzypop 18:53 15 Feb 2003

Software RAID - click here

  Wilham 19:51 15 Feb 2003

Your sw raid0 ref is great!'ll take a week or two to sort out what win2000 has that winXP hasn't. Not easy, but you've made my day. It also implies my idea may not be no-go, Rayuk.

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