RAID 0, RAID 1 or Acronis type protection?

  anskyber 11:14 08 Apr 2006

I am familiar with the principles of RAID with the potential advantages of RAID 1 (mirror) quite obvious. But would it be better to have the full HD memory available and backup with something like Acronis? Does RAID 1 mirror lead to a slowing up of the system as it "double writes"? Any other advice on RAID welcomed.

  anskyber 18:39 08 Apr 2006

Any one before I close?

  [DELETED] 18:49 08 Apr 2006

Even if you use a RAID array you should also backup to an external source.....such as Acronis imaging to an external hard drive.

The reason is quite simple....even though RAID 1 gives excellent protection against drive failure it offers no protection against system/data corruption due to a virus or trojan for example......the damage will be done to both drives simultaneously.

In fact using something like Acronis to backup to an external hard drive is a wise move whether you use RAID or not!

  anskyber 18:56 08 Apr 2006

I had not thought of that as a problem, but of course it is obvious, if you think about it. The first thought is to say that RAID 1 is not necessarily a prefered option if back up is the objective.

The other consideration is (please forgive my stupidity) where does the OS reside? I assume it is only on one partitioned drive so it would go with a failed drive. Although I assume be able to be reinstalled back onto either (ie new or old ) drive.

  [DELETED] 19:08 08 Apr 2006

With RAID 1 the os is installed to both drives...each drive is a complete mirror of the other.

If one fails the other will still boot and the array can be rebuilt from the remaining disc when the failed disc is replaced.

An image created by Acronis would be distributed between the two drives by the RAID software if you were to reinstall from the backup.

Performance wise you would not notice the difference between a single disc and a RAID 1 setup.

Forgive me for being curious but have any particular goal in mind via this thread?

  [DELETED] 19:11 08 Apr 2006

RAID 10 plus Acronis or similar. Been a desciple of RAID for years now and would not want to be without it.

(RAID 10 is like RAID 0+1, but functions better.)

  anskyber 19:17 08 Apr 2006

No I do not mind at all. I am retired and I am looking to get the best deal for my money and make it as future proof as possible. My budget is not available yet (!) but a max of £1000 is my best bet. So with Vista in mind even 2 years down the line I was thinking dual core with godd RAM say 2gigs and a reasonable video card. I am not into games (yet) but do use Flight Sim 2004.
So although I would like say an Evesham I think that this Dell with the option of either Raid 0 or Raid 1 for the money looked tempting, unless of course better advice is available! click here

  anskyber 19:26 08 Apr 2006

Thanks. If the PC arrives with RAID 1 (if thats the route I follow) is it easy to go to RAID 10 or am I stuck with the RAID I have been given. Before you ask me I am afraid I have not the foggiest idea whether the RAID control is a hardware or software system.

  anskyber 19:30 08 Apr 2006

Sorry, a supplementary to my response. You say "An image created by Acronis would be distributed between the two drives by the RAID software if you were to reinstall from the backup."
Does that mean it would resemble RAID 0 with a shared writing thereby defeating a mirror system or there would again be two identical copies?

  [DELETED] 19:33 08 Apr 2006

RAID level 1o explained click here

ade.h I have stayed clear of any RAID setups on my home pcs as I can't find any conclusive opinion that there is a significant benefit for the home user.

The extra complexity and cost....particularly with RAID level 10 or 1+0 does not seem justifiable.I can understand those that go with a RAID 0 on high end gaming pcs on the grounds that level load times are reduced, but there is evidence on the web that loading times are not reduced significantly by this setup.........plenty of very heated "debate" on the web about this too,lol.

Can you convince me otherwise?

I love to mess around with different configurations so I would love an excuse I can justify to my wife to completely overhaul my pc.

  anskyber 19:36 08 Apr 2006

Thanks for the last posting and I too would be very interested in the debate, if there is one!

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