Raid 0 Array failure - one of the drives is pairing with an unknown drive

  IrnBrew 01:39 09 Aug 2014

Hi, I'm wondering if anyone can shed light on this issue:

The system has 2x 1Tb drives to create the C: system drive and 2x 3Tb drives to create the D: storage drive (both RAID 0) running Windows 7.

I installed a SSD drive to the computer as well as a hot-swap caddy, but to get enough SATA ports I had to move the 2x 3Tb drives to the caddy.

After this was done, the computer was started up and showed the C: and D: intact, I then used the provided software to install the SSD drive and called it E:

Finally, a fresh install of Windows 7 was put on the SSD.

Now somehow the RAID 0 array was upset. The disk management shows and Unknown drive that adds up to 6Tb, asking me to initialise it. The D: drive does not appear in My Computer. When I run the Intel Disk Management software, I could see another Unknown Disk with 0Gb which is now pairing with one of the 3Tb drives.

The entire system has been put back to the way it started to the best of my knowledge, with all the drives attached to the original SATA ports, the SSD and the other version of Windows removed, but the strange 0Gb drive remains.

Does anyone have any solutions? I have included a screenshot of the drives. click here, Michael


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