radio stations in media player 9

  ΜΔRΙU$ 10:14 18 May 2003

i want to put my favourite radio station 96.7 liverpool into my media player so i can listen to it (as i live in london and miss home!!) but i cannot find it under the media player options, i have however gone to the stations website and started the station playing in media player, is there any way i can save it so i just click on media player to start it to save always going to the website?? it is on now so i would love the help

  ΜΔRΙU$ 13:44 18 May 2003


  ΜΔRΙU$ 18:38 18 May 2003

someone must know?

  MartinT-B 19:09 18 May 2003

It ain't easy!

Go to the site.

Click the link to make the station play. Make sure it opens WMP in a new window, NOT part of the web page. You might need to right click the WMP if it opens as part of the web page and choose play in default player (assuming WMp is your default).

The once in the main WMP window, Click

File -> Add to Media Library -> Add Currently Playing Track.

Then go to the Media Libray section of WMP and scroll down to "Other Media" (below Video, above radio Stations) It should be there under Genre, Unknown.

To check, close the web page. Close WMP.

Restart WMP, go to media Library, scroll down and when you find it click on it. It should start after it has buffered.

BTW. You can Right Click on the word Unkown in the Media Library and rename it. It will stay in Other Media, but you can call it Radio City 96.7

  ΜΔRΙU$ 19:48 18 May 2003

thanks so much i now feel as though i were back in liverpool. not home sick any more

you made me very happy

  MartinT-B 19:58 18 May 2003


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