radio connection problem. New.

  hzhzhz 13:34 29 May 2005

I am trying without success to connect to live commentaries through various sports websites such as click here but I am having no success at all. This problem started about a week ago. The sites in question say that they are definately transmitting and cant see why I cant connect. Excuse my ignorance here but do I have a javascript problem.

  ashdav 14:15 29 May 2005

the site you linked to uses wma and wmv streaming. Check your firewall allows Windows media player to connect to the internet.

  hzhzhz 14:15 29 May 2005

My pc is now telling me whilst trying to connect to click here live commentary that either the file is corrupt or that my windows media player cannot play this format. Any ideas please.

  hzhzhz 14:19 29 May 2005

Windows firewall is allowing windows mediaTM stream recorder to access net. Could problem be with router firewall.

  ashdav 14:22 29 May 2005

WMP/tools/options/file types.Make sure wmv and wma are ticked.

  ashdav 14:26 29 May 2005

check Windows Media player is allowed.

  hzhzhz 14:53 29 May 2005

wma and wmv are ticked and wmp is allowed to access net through windows firewall

  ashdav 15:14 29 May 2005

next step is to check router firewall. If that's OK then it's as far as I can help you. If you are using WMP 10 you could try uninstalling then a reinstall from Microsofts site. If you are not using ver.10 then I suggest you install it anyway.

  hzhzhz 15:25 29 May 2005

Thanks for your time. Wil check on ver.10

  hzhzhz 15:54 29 May 2005

Just uninstalled media ver 9 and installed ver 10 and its cured the problem. Thanks a million ashdav.

  ashdav 16:55 29 May 2005

Glad it worked. Thanks for posting result.

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