Radio 4 LW interference

  [DELETED] 10:40 28 May 2006

I get a lot of interference on Long Wave Radio 4 when ny PC is on. This happens in all the rooms and in the garage. Does anyone have any suggestions to stop this happening?

  [DELETED] 10:59 28 May 2006

If it's that bad you may well be 'illegal' because of the RF interference your PC is causing! My first thought is the Power Supply but I'm sure others will know much more than I do.

Alternate is R4 via Freeview or FTA Satellite - I think satellite has all the various R4 transmissions available.

  dewskit 11:05 28 May 2006

Long Wave transmissions on 198 kHz are radiated from the Droitwich transmitter site, and are obviously stronger the closer you are to the transmitter.
I have experience of receiving these transmissions as far away as Gibraltar after dark, but a decent (preferably external) aerial makes all the difference as so much electrical noise exists within the average house from thermostats etc.


  Stuartli 11:48 28 May 2006

In my area we get very annoying interference on an irregular basis on FM - there have even been letters in the local paper on the subject.

No one has come up with an explanation to date.

  [DELETED] 16:27 28 May 2006

You will get local interference on 198 long wave from virtually everything in the house, particularly pc s, long life light bulbs, fluorescent tubes, televisions etc etc

The only thing you can do is move the radio further away from the interference, revolve it through 90 degrees to obtain the best reception via the internal aerial, or buy a radio that will take an external wire aerial that provides a much stronger signal

  Procrastinus 16:36 28 May 2006

Living in France, I have vastly improved reception on a non-external aerial radio by wrapping thin, insulated flexible wire around the ferrite rod inside the radio. Do take great care not to move or damage the bobbins and fine wires already on the ferrite rod. Secure the additional aerial to the ferrite rod with tape or cable ties and fasten it vertically and as long as possible.

  wee eddie 16:54 28 May 2006

Grab about 3 to 5 meters of old dual core speaker cable > Strip back about 1 meter > Connect the other end to the pull-out Aerial > (If you want to be flash) Spread the stripped back ends so it forms a 'T' shape > Rotate this for improved reception.

  [DELETED] 10:12 29 May 2006

by winding the mains lead a couple of times through a toroid and do the same with the speaker leads if you have them on your system. The PS's power supply is the most troublesome cause of interference but any long leads will act as an antenna and spread the interference around. click here these are the type of toroid usually used.

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