Radeon or Gforce?

  FITLAD123 20:36 01 Oct 2004

Hey all,

I only have around £40 to spend, any good cards i can pick up for that? I heard the 9500's are good because of the pipelines? If you could explain this it would be great.
Also, just in general.. Radeon or Gforce?

Thank You!

  rdave13 21:19 01 Oct 2004

for a good card i picked a very good one from PC NEXTDAY for £64. I know it's over the odds but it's a Radeon 9600,128 mb ddr memory with Smartshader2.1 and Smoothvision 2.1 technologies and compatible with directx9 and open gl.The card I bought is a saphire radeon 9600 atlantis. Cant buy better for price.

  Sion 21:24 01 Oct 2004

Well for that price i'm hoping your not intending on buying and playing games like doom 3 and half life 2 ! But if you just want something for general purpose card, then you should look at GeForce4 MX cards. click here £30 including shipping. I've used this card with a few systems i've built and i've had no complaints. One of my friends plays games occasionally too (command and conquer, call of duty) and has found it fine.

ATI do not make the 9500 card anymore i'm afraid. The only ATI card in your price range is the 9200se, but is slightly more pricy than the GeForce card, and is not really worth the extra cash.

  Sion 21:25 01 Oct 2004

In fact the 9200se is a slower card than the GeForce. Don't bother.

  rdave13 22:05 01 Oct 2004

are your cards compatible with directx 9?

  Sion 22:25 01 Oct 2004

no, but if your only going to spend £40 on a card, whats the point of getting directx9 compatible card ! the budget range of directx 9 cards are hideously underpowered, the Geforce4MX is faster than the Nvdia 5200, which is a directx 9 card. Same with ATI's offerings.

Geforce4MX will give you much better results across the range of games currently availble, bar about 3-4 new releases. Even then, you need at least a £100 card to play these games properly, and i think if i remember properly, the poster said he only had £40 to spend.

  rdave13 22:36 01 Oct 2004

Quite right,only £40 to spend now.If FITLAD 123 could wait until he could save £64 then ATI Radeon will beat the socks off Geforce, read computer mags!

  livewire 22:46 01 Oct 2004

Yep, I agree with RDAVE13. The ATi RADEON range (9600 and up) are really great cards. Espically the 9600 in terms of value for money.

  Sion 22:53 01 Oct 2004

Yeah, and after he's saved that extra £30 to buy 9600 card, some other person says "no don't buy that, for an extra £20 you can get the 9600xt, which is a lot better." He said he had £40 now to spend, not £64 to spend in a month or two time. I'm basing my suggestion on what his budget will stretch to now.

  rdave13 22:56 01 Oct 2004

thanks for backing me up but i truly feel Radeon is the way to go for FITLAD123

  FITLAD123 23:14 01 Oct 2004

Just looked at some reviews for the 9600, looks like really good value, a friend is upgrading from his 9500 pro to a x800 (i think)... He said i can have the 9500 for £50. But is it worth the extra £14 for a 9600? He says the 9500 is better though?

Thank You

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