Radeon card confusion

  square eyes 08:32 21 Nov 2005

Can someone briefly explain what the letters after the model name of radeon cards mean.
eg:Radeon X800XT, Radeon X800GTO, Radeon X800SE, Radeon X800PRO.
I read in a review that the X800PRO performs very well with my processor, is all the reason i need to go and buy one :)
As always i have the tricky task of guessing what the different variations are.

Please help thankyou

My system is: Mesh computers
Win XP
ASUS a7v333 rev1.01 mobo
AMD Athlon XP2100+ processor
Radeon 9600 AGP
640mb ddr-sdram
60gig HDD

  dagwoood 10:39 21 Nov 2005

Have a look at this chart; slowest model at the top, quickest at the bottom click here

The AGP versions of these cards are getting harder to find, so if you do decide to get one, it may be in your best interests to get one quite soon.

As an aside, as you have a 2100+ CPU, you wouldn't benefit from having one of the faster cards as your CPU would be a bottleneck and hold back the performance.

HTH, dagwoood.

  gudgulf 10:50 21 Nov 2005

You don't say why you want to upgrade the graphics card.

To find the actual specifications of the cards you mention put the model numbers into Google.Bear in mind that not all of the models are available in AGP format.In fact if you search the various retailers websites there are very few X800 series cards available at all in AGP format.

The main X800 series is the XT and pro models.The XT has 16 pixel pipelines and runs at 500MHZ core/1000MHz effective memory speed(there is a PE version which ups those speeds).The pro has 12 pixel pipeline and runs at 475/900 speeds,so it is a good deal slower than the XT especially at the highest resolution/detail settings and if AA/AF are used.All the other models are cut down versions of the X800 cards with most only being available on the PCI-e format.

One exception is the X800XL which is AGP and has nearly the performance of the pro version.If you can find one this is a good buy.

However I think that in all honesty your system is not really powerful enough to get the full benefit from a card like the X800pro.

You would be better off with something like an NVidia 660GT which is readily available in AGP format and a good deal cheaper than an X800 card.click here for a review of current AGP cards.It includes the 9600pro so it gives a good indication of how your card compares.

There are also a number of 9800XT and pro cards around for under £100 and one of those might be a good option for your system.

  square eyes 00:51 22 Nov 2005

I am upgrading for games, another 1 GIG ram and a bogger HDD. I wanted to have a card that will easily handle all games and for the coming year maybe. Didnt want to upgrade yet again in 4 months time.
The article i was talking about is click here it says price/perforamnce ratio its a good option? Your thoughts plz?

gudgulf: I've only owned radeon cards so would prefer to stick with a similar card. I had thought about upgrading the cpu but which i think the max would be the althlon 2700+. Is this a good idea?

  gudgulf 11:28 22 Nov 2005

I've read through all of the article you linked to.There is a clear advantage performance wise by upgrading the processor to the mavximum the motherboard will take.....you will then get the best advantage out of the X800pro.

That set up should be capable of doing what you want and play the latest games reasonably well(or very well for most) for a good year or so.

The problem is you are a few months late in taking this step.........Finding a Socket A XP2700+ or any other Socket A cpu that is compatible with your motherboard might be difficult.Same goes not only for the X800pro but ANY top spec AGP card (Nvidia6800 GT/Ultra or other X800 series ATI).If you can find one listed by any retailer you might well find that you will be asked a premium price for it.

I suggest you spend a good deal of time searching the Web and if you find what you are looking for at a good price snap it up.........but compare the price of a new PCI-e motherboard click here with an Athlon 64 3000+ click here and something like a PCI-e X850XT PE click here

That would give you a much faster pc with loads of upgrade potential.

Incidentally MicroDirect don't stock any Athlon XP cpus any more........The only Socket A cpus available are the Semprons click here This is OEM and would need you to buy the HS/fan seperately.

on the plus side you might want to investigate this click here

This shop has quite a few AGP ATI cards including an X800XL listed at £210.......Here's a link to the home page click here

I'd give them a ring and check what's in stock if I were you.But no Athlon XP cpus I'm afraid.

  square eyes 01:17 23 Nov 2005

Thanks for making such an effort on my behalf!

I'm confused now tho :-/
Im starting to think the mobo upgrade is a good idea but that way is going to take me over 300 pounds, over what i wanted to spend, would i be able to use my 640mb of pc2100 ram on the new mobo? Are AGP cards going out of fashion?
Would my other cards work, like sound card, vid capture card, 56k modem card (for emegencies)on the new mobo?

You sound very knowledgeable on this subject, so im happy to go with your idea on mobo, im one for upgrading things im afraid, especialy where games will benefit.
I think it would be false economy to stick with the mobo i have and try to max it out wouldnt it and just wind-up buying a new mobo in a years time only to need new hardware too.

Thanks in advance (much appreciated)

  Trackrat 08:41 23 Nov 2005

Yes you would be able to use your pc2100 ram in a new motherboard but it would slow everything down.
As ram is cheap you would be better off buying some new ram.
Yes your PCI cards would work in a new motherboard, just make sure you have enough slots on the motherboard to take them all.
Going the 939 AMD route will at least futureproof you as much as you can be futureproofed the way technology advances these days.
If you do go for an AMD mobo make sure it is dual processor compatable, so in the future if you want to add one it is a simple task of taking the one processor out and putting the other one in.

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