Radeon 9800 Video Card

  Spr 13:13 10 Apr 2006

For 6 months or more I have had a Radeon 9800 Video Card installed in my PC every so often when I go to boot up I received the following
“You have not connected the Power Extension Cable to your Radeon Video Card”
I than have to take the side off and push in the cables connected to the Card.
The Pc does not get moved so why the message.

When playing Commandos Strike Forces the game seems to be very erratic

The person who sold it to me has tested it and says there is nothing wrong with it
What you would expect them to say

I have Pentium 4CPU 2.40GHz with 1.25 GB of RAM running Window

  keef66 17:00 10 Apr 2006

are you sure you have a power cable supplying the card (4 pin molex connector coming from the power supply)?

What is the max power output of your power supply?

  Spr 17:11 10 Apr 2006

output 350 watts is that right? it is a two lead cable one coming from the power supply & one from the HD

  keef66 09:53 11 Apr 2006

just a point of clarification, is it a 9800 or a 9800 pro card?

350 watts should be enough to power either, as long as the psu isn't on the blink.

Sounds like the power cable is shared with the hdd via a splitter. I think it should be a 4 lead cable though.

Anyone with a 9800 care to comment? (I'm just working from memory here)

  keef66 10:01 11 Apr 2006

click here

here's an image of a 9800 pro card with the 4 lead power splitter attached. Is yours different?

I'm thinking it all sounds as if the card's not getting enough power. That would explain both your problems. Can you borrow a psu with more power leads so it doesn't have to share one with a hdd? Failing that, a psu with say 450w rating? I'm reluctant to suggest you buy a new psu in case the fault lies with the card itself.

  Spr 12:08 11 Apr 2006

it is exactly like the one in the picture 9800 pro, so upgrading the psu may be the answer or a single lead from the psu.

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