Radeon 9700 Pro Graphics Card

  Aswad 06:18 27 May 2003

My son wishes to upgrade his computer to a Radeon 9700 pro card. It is an Athlon 2700 XP, but I am concerned that the power supply (300w) in the case may not be enough, as I understand that this card (and the 9500 pro) require about 45w power on their own. Has anyone experience of these cards running on a 300w supply, or will it be necessary to replace the 300w supply with a 360 or 400w supply?

  vaughan007 14:46 27 May 2003

It depends what else you have on your system. Tell us all the other cards, upgrades, etc that you have. If you just have a standard set of components (Sound card, modem, processor, one HDD, Network card, etc.) then you would be fine with 300W. But let us know what your system is and we can tell you for sure.

  MartinT-B 16:39 27 May 2003

PSU: What you need

AGP video card - 20-30W - More for RADEON!!

PCI video card - 20W

AMD Athlon 900MHz-1.1GHz - 50W

AMD Athlon 1.2MHz-1.4GHz - 55-65W

Intel Pentium III 800MHz-1.26GHz - 30W

Intel Pentium 4 1.4GHz-1.7GHz - 65W

Intel Pentium 4 1.8GHz-2.0GHz - 75W

Intel Celeron 700MHz-900MHz - 25W

Intel Celeron 1.0GHz-1.1GHz - 35W

ATX Motherboard - 30W-40W

128MB RAM - 10W

256MB RAM - 20W

12X or higher IDE CD-RW Drive - 25W

32X or higher IDE CD-ROM Drive - 20W

10x or higher IDE DVD-ROM Drive - 20W

SCSI CD-RW Drive - 17W

SCSI CD-ROM Drive - 12W

5400RPM IDE Hard Drive - 10W

7200RPM IDE Hard Drive - 13W

7200RPM SCSI Hard Drive - 24W

10000RPM SCSI Hard Drive - 30W

Floppy Drive - 5W

Network Card - 4W

Modem - 5W

Sound Card - 5W

SCSI Controller Card - 20W

Firewire/USB Controller Card - 10W

Case Fan - 3W

CPU Fan - 3W

  Aswad 17:06 27 May 2003

Thanks for help rest of details. 2 x Western digital 7200 IDE hard drives, 512mb 2700 ddr ram, Cd rewriter & DVD drive (both fast), pci sound card (soundblaster live) amd heatsink/fan, 2x case fans

  Hachi-Roku 18:30 27 May 2003

id reccomend getting a psu of 550 watt or something like that! one with a dual fan would be good as well! theres a really good Q-TEC one at click here and its much cheaper than most other psus as well!

  vaughan007 11:50 29 May 2003

I think you would be OK with a 300W power supply.

  Aswad 12:18 29 May 2003

thank you all for advice

  The Sack 13:18 29 May 2003

The 300W will be a peak unstainable figure, its sustainable figure will probably be less than 200W and more likely nearer to 170W, the 550W Q-Tec supplies are cheap and worth every penny, not only do they give a much more stable system but they also help with the air flow. A 550W Q-Tec can just about manage to sustain 300W BTW.

30 quid inc P&P without the ebuyer risk click here

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