Radeon 9500 Pro error

  staples printer cartridge 19:48 31 May 2003

I bought the above card a couple of months ago and after about a week I intermittently got a high pitched tone from the pc when gaming which could only be solved by rebooting. It went away until I started gaming again. I then had to leave the pc for several hours before it would not happen again. Now it is happening every time I play a game with a marked slow down in speed. any ideas? I am using an athlon 1.4GHz, 512 Mb RAM, lateste drivers for motherboard and graphics card installed.

  Ironman556 20:08 31 May 2003

Check the card's fitted firmly into the slot.

If you have access to another PC or a friends PC, try it in that.

If it works fine in another PC, then you may need a BIOS update.

  professor 20:18 31 May 2003

id do as ironman says check its seated properly in its AGP slot and if you can try it on a mates pc. when thats done and if ur getting problems with ur pc still get the latest BIOS for your pc and flash it also you may need to check your BIOS and driver setting for your AGP slot\G.card abilites. if it can do it set your G.card to 8x if its at that set it to 4x and see if that makes a difference. and finally are you positive uve got the latest R9500 drivers a quick scout on ATI's site shows the latest drivers and control panel to be Catalyst 3.4 - be careful though as the 3.4 drivers may have issues with some games as i downloaded these for my R9800pro but now when i play unreal2 the level "breaks" apart this never happened with earlier drivers.


  staples printer cartridge 22:04 31 May 2003

sorry to sound like a dork, but any chance you could let me know how to update my bios?

I will try out the other things first though, thanks

  professor 22:31 31 May 2003

what BIOS do you have? typically if its Award BIOS download the new BIOS for your board and make a bootable floppy.(MS-DOS prompt>from C:\WINDOWS>FORMAT A: /S) once that is done you will probably need to unzip you BIOS onto the floppy when uve done that go into your floppy and make a not of the BIOS filename and the awardflash filename.

leave the floppy in and restart your pc, when its read from the floppy type the awardflash executable and after that all you will need to do is type the BIOS filname u noted down let it make a backup of you BIOS then let it flash you BIOS with the new code. restart your pc after the flash process i think its F10 you will need to pres to get your pc to restart.


  The Sack 01:34 01 Jun 2003

You have plugged the graphics card in to the PSU havent you?

  staples printer cartridge 09:55 01 Jun 2003

Yeah, I have plugged it in to PSU...surely the thing wouldn't work at all if I hadn't?

Thanks for the advise prof

  staples printer cartridge 07:53 03 Jun 2003

Well, the card seemed to be in properly but I took it out anyeway and out it back in, checked the connection to the PSU and it seems to be working ok at the minute. Cheers

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