Radeon 4350 vs NVIDIA 9500GT (both 512MB)

  Peter Lanky 20:39 22 Feb 2010

Without being too technical, what is the difference in performance between these two cards?

  MAT ALAN 20:44 22 Feb 2010

general PC stuff the HD4350

for gaming neither...

  Peter Lanky 17:47 23 Feb 2010

Anyone with an answer translated into English?

  GaT7 17:54 23 Feb 2010

I think MAT ALAN means that if you needed it for a PC running general tasks/Windows/programs, then a HD4350 will do (as it's considerably cheaper).

However, if you need one to run most 3D games that came out in the last 5 years, then neither one will do.

So, in short, why do you need a dedicated graphics card in the first place? G

  MAT ALAN 18:03 23 Feb 2010

Peter Lanky

if you let us know what you want the card to do we can advise you further...

thanks for the input Crossbow7, still a learning curve for me and VGA cards your help is appreciated...

  citadel 18:38 23 Feb 2010

no reason to but old cards as ati have dx11 cards in every price range.

  GaT7 18:51 23 Feb 2010

Hmm, but DX11 only supported in Win7.

If I'm not mistaken, a HD4350 is the cheapest dedicated PCI-E GPU one can buy atm click here. A 9500GT click here is double the price for next to no gain.

Peter Lanky, does your PC have a PCI-E slot? G

  mrwoowoo 18:55 23 Feb 2010

The 9500GT will run even new games at low settings or even medium settings and is a better card than the 4350.
The 9500GT is almost the equivolent of the 8600GT which until recently i used for gaming at low/medium settings. Even Crysis at just above low.
If your choice is only between these card then it's the 9500GT every time.
If you're going to be playing new games then you would need to be upgrading the 9500 fairly soon and would do well to get something better.

  Peter Lanky 18:58 23 Feb 2010

The reason I want to know is because I have just ordered a Dell PC which comes with a Radeon 4350 (no other choice) as standard. My older PC, which will still be used by one of the children has a 9500GT, so if this is a significantly better card, I'll swap them round. I don't do gaming, but the major use would be to process around 400 images from 13MP camera in one batch.

  GaT7 19:00 23 Feb 2010

Well, if Peter is enquiring about a graphics card to go into his Dells with an Asus K8VSE motherboard (his other thread click here), then no PCI-E (PCI Express) card is going to be suitable. As all Asus K8V boards only had AGP & PCI slots click here.

So his choice is between an AGP or PCI card, with preference for the former. These cost about £25-40 for a basic one. G

  mrwoowoo 19:00 23 Feb 2010

The 4350 should be fine for doing just that.
Leave the 9500GT for the children as i'm sure they play the occasional game. (O:!

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