R220 printer refusing to print anymore-Any ideas?

  buel 16:14 21 Nov 2009

Hi, my gf uses our 3 year old faithful Epson R220 printer to print her uni work, unfortunately we are now getting alternate flashing red lights- the ink and the paper lights. Even when i turn the power off and back on the same light appear and nothing happens. Am i correct in thinking that there is a 'life span' to every printer and after a certain amount of pages they will not print anymore?

  Technotiger 17:07 21 Nov 2009

thinking that there is a 'life span' to every printer ...

Indirectly Yes, in a way - it could just mean that the printer needs servicing, this can happen if/when the used ink sump is full and needs emptying - a messy job I believe, though I have never done it myself. You might find how to DIY if you Google for it.

  Pineman100 17:47 21 Nov 2009

You say that you've "turned the power off and on again". Does that mean you have completely switched it off, or just put it on standby?

I should switch it off at the wall for a minute or so, then back on again. If that doesn't work, try uninstalling it, then reinstalling it.

  sharpamat 17:57 21 Nov 2009

sometimes resetting may solve the problem
click here have a read and see what you feel

  buel 18:05 21 Nov 2009

Brilliant answers, thank you all!!!

  beeuuem 18:19 21 Nov 2009

From click here your error suggests that the print head has jammed.

  sharpamat 19:48 21 Nov 2009

Are your 2 different posts related to the same printer.and system

if they are you will only confuse yourself and will not get the corect answers to resolve any thing

  buel 11:16 22 Nov 2009

It appears that the printer needed the waste ink pads to be replaced and/or the waste ink counter to be reset (as Technotiger said) so being as i haven't the time to get new waste ink pads or perform the task which is as good (which is to disconnect the pipe going to the pads and connect it to a small bottle/container outside the printer) so i just reset the counters on the printer and, thankfully, it works!! Hallelujah!!!
My only concern is that maybe the pads will fill up/overfill and leak but at least it works for now!!
Thank you all, i am very happy!!

  buel 11:19 22 Nov 2009

Ps- to Sharpamat, the two different posts are seperate, the reason my gf tried to install the Epson SX100 was because this R220 failed. Unfortunately the other thread is still running because her laptop is still down because of the SX100's driver disk went wrong!

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