R220 CD Printer-Any alternatives?

  buel 11:17 25 Apr 2011

Hello, i have an excellent CD printer, the Epson R220, but i wanted to know if there is an alternative printer that is more up to date that i can buy being as the R220 is showing signs of giving up on me. I use it to print on CDs that i have recorded radio programmes on to listen to whilst i drive. I believe the R220 isn't sold anymore?

  mimosa418 11:25 25 Apr 2011

I use a Canon Pixma IP4300 which has a very good CD Printer. Replaced an Epson R300 with this some time ago.

  Les28 12:14 25 Apr 2011

I had an Epson R200 for printing CD's, now have its successor the Epson Stylus Photo P50 for printing CD's.

  buel 14:37 25 Apr 2011

Thanks for that, can i ask do they print any faster as i find the R220 quite slow?

  Les28 15:26 25 Apr 2011

My own impression is that they seem to take a long time thinking about what they're going to print after you've clicked on the print button, fairly quick once started to print but noisy, in fact think I've seen online comments about noisiness.

A good printer though and with six inks great colour reproduction and as it's only "ink in a bag" no print head on the cartridges, compatible inks work fine in my experience.

To some people a drawback is it's only a printer and not a combination thing, but personally I'd rather have a good printer with separate colour inks that can be changed individually than one with a black and a single tri colour ink cartridge, if one of the three colours in the tri colour goes, it's a whole new cartridge to buy.

  catpwss 17:48 25 Apr 2011

I have an Epson R285 working with CISS,Works well with CD printing.c.

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