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"Update - out of memory" pop ups

  Furkin 12:50 17 Jan 2018

Hi guys,

A few weeks ago I got a pop up message saying “out of memory”.
Every second another would pop up, along with a bleep. I couldn’t stop it so turned it off.

Today I have had it twice so far this morning. I noted this time, that it also had “Update”. Both times I was part way into Spybot S&D – tho’ that might just be coincidence ?! I initially thought it was hdd memory, but I’m only 50% through a Tb disc.
I now think it’s rom. I tried to do a screen print, but it will only show one of the messages.

Is it legit ?

What is it ?

How do I stop it ?

Its just a home PC with: Asus M5A78L-M LX : Phenom IIx2 : 4gb ram : PSU: OCZ 500w : nVidia GT440 : HDD: Samsung 1tb + W.D 1tb : Chrome : Win 10 pro (64) + Spybot : Malwarebytes.

PS; I'll put the image on image thingy & post it shortly.

  Furkin 13:01 17 Jan 2018
  Furkin 13:03 17 Jan 2018
  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:12 17 Jan 2018

You only have 4G of RAM once this is used (especially if you have several apps open) then windows uses virtual memory by using hard drive space (swapfile / paging file)

Maybe there is not enough space on the partition where the swapfile is placed or the setting is too small

follow instruction click here to change the size and see if that stops the problem.

  Furkin 11:59 19 Jan 2018

Thanks FB:

I keep forgetting that I don't receive notifications very often ! Yep - I click the box every time. Yep - I only have 4g of RAM, as my M.B won't take any more. I posted on here about upgrading the M.B & Ram, but it didn't look feasible.

At the time, I was running Spybot, so limited use to thunderbird.

When I follow the link, my Power User page doesn't include an Advanced button.


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