"Saluations" emails are they malware?

  newface 13:07 17 Aug 2013

My wife received a phone call from a friend about an email her works firewall had flagged as having a virus which supposedly came from my wife.

As my wife had not sent her any emails, it caused a bit of concern.

Today my wife received 3 emails from her sister. 1 had re:salutations and another had fw: salutations in the header, the last had no subject. Her sister says she sent 1 email with no header but what are the other 2.

We have scanned the PC with avast and nothing was found but we are a little concerned.

Can anyone out there shed any light on this?


  hiwatt 13:53 17 Aug 2013

I had this happen not so long ago. I received an email from my brothers email address that wasn't sent from him. It contained a link to a malicious site.When you receive such emails never click on any links and NEVER download any attachments as this is how your computer will become infected. If you didn't do any of the above you should be fine.

  hiwatt 13:55 17 Aug 2013

Oh and it sounds like your wifes or her sisters account has been hacked and is sending out emails to addresses in their contacts!

  hiwatt 13:56 17 Aug 2013

Should have added get both of them to change their passwords ASAP!

  newface 14:44 17 Aug 2013

Thanks for that, it's just what I thought had happened. My wife is going to change her password, and is contacting her sister to get her to do the same.

As my wife never followed a link or clicked on anything I am hoping that our PC is ok.

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