"Preparing automatic repair" then cuts out!

  [email protected] 21:43 30 Nov 2015

I have a Samsung laptop that's over 2 years old now and up until now has been working ok. I started installing Windows 10 (currently on Windows 8) earlier and suddenly my laptop died, as if the battery had ran out. I made sure everything was plugged in and when I powered up, it came up with the Samsung logo and said "preparing automatic repair" before cutting out a few seconds later. I've since removed the battery, held down the power button and left it off for half an hour but each time I press the power button the same screen comes up for a few seconds before it cuts out again.

I've looked online but I'm not very good with technology so I'm none the wiser... It seems I need to do a hard reset and lose all of my data, is that right? Is there a less drastic solution?

Please help! I use my laptop for work so I really want to get this fixed asap, if possible! No technobabble please, I get confused at the best of times.

  wee eddie 22:29 30 Nov 2015

Have you tried this while it is connected to the mains?

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