"People" in Windows 8. How to import information?

  TonyV 12:22 29 Apr 2014

I have been trying to help a pal of mine out with his new Win 8 Laptop, particularly with regard to Mail and the use of "People" with in Mail.

I have imported all his old Contacts from Outlook Express from his old Win 7 machine on to his new one, which went in quite easily and are residing in the Contacts Folder, which I assume is a default folder in the Win 8 System. This however, is meaningless, because it seems that the Win 8 Mail programme uses the People application.

My problem is, how do I get People to import the Contacts with all respective e mail address in to People so that they are readily available in Mail? Alternatively, how do I Import to People from the same information contained on a Memory stick?

I have checked high and low, but can find no Import facility. Maybe someone can point me in the right direction.

Many thanks


  chub_tor 14:28 29 Apr 2014

Click on People, swipe to right hand corner (Or use the Windows key + C) to open the Charms, go to Settings and then click on Accounts followed by Add an Account. Add whichever email account you are interested in (eg [email protected]) and follow the instructions. All the contacts in your account will then be added to People.

  TonyV 18:53 29 Apr 2014


Thanks for that. We looked at doing that, but it seemed to be strange in that we already have his e mail Account showing under accounts, and could see no way of importing them there from say the Contacts listing on the machine or indeed importing from the memory stick on which I exported the original contacts from. Does what you suggest mean that we delete his original account and recreate it again and that then, the Contacts will automatically be seen in People and hence usable in Mail?



  [DELETED] 19:16 29 Apr 2014

Have a look at the answer here.

  TonyV 19:36 29 Apr 2014


I will see if what your link offers will work OK when I see him again. I have to say that I have my doubts because the Contacts on the new Win8 machine were exported from a Win7 machine with Outlook Express! So, I am coming to the conclusion that Windows 8 will not recognise what has come in from Outlook Express. I will reserve judgment and come back when I have chance to have another try at it!!



  [DELETED] 20:09 29 Apr 2014
  [DELETED] 20:12 29 Apr 2014

I'll certainly try that link again, More here.

  TonyV 20:39 29 Apr 2014


Sorry, couldn't get the second link to work either!!



  TonyV 20:50 29 Apr 2014


OK. Finally got your second link operating but struggled with the links contained within the page. They eventually came through so now have another bunch of options to consider.

Thanks for your help, I'll come back when I have chance to get on my pals machine, probably in a couple of days.



  TonyV 13:15 02 May 2014


Went to try and sort out the Mail and people problem in Win8 this morning, and decided it was a lemon. Spoke to the Tech Help people at JL, where the machine was purchased and was told that it could be done but was somewhat complicated to carry out. Apparently Win8 Mail and OE are as different as chalk and cheese, and maybe, if all that was required was a simple e mail issue and accept system, then it would be better to get another e mail client, like Win Live Mail from Essentials.

I downloaded Win Essentials and installed Live Mail, and quick as a flash, it took on board the Address book from the memory stick and set his e mail account up so fast it wasn't true!

He is now back in business. But, I have to say, what a way for Microsoft to run a battle ship. If you are updating from one of their systems to another later edition of their system, why don't they make it easy to transfer the basics like e mails et al?

'Twas ever thus!

Thanks for your help. I will now close this one out.



  [DELETED] 15:11 02 May 2014

Glad you're sorted but that was the procedure in my second link.

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