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"No signal"

  Anon-2085496 07:57 30 Jul 2013

Shortly after start up my computer operating on Windows 7 crashes with the screen displaying NO SIGNAL. The only way out is to switch off the computer and then switch on again. This may happen again straight away or it may be ok for the rest of the day. Can anyone help please.

  Anon-2432433 08:17 30 Jul 2013

The first thing I would check would be if its a desktop computer check the cable from computer to monitor has not come loose, remove and re-seat.

If the your computer has a dedicated graphics card you could try removing and re-seating it.

  Anon-337855 08:17 30 Jul 2013

Seems to me that you may have a bad connection to your monitor. Is it a desktop PC or a Laptop?

  Anon-2080793 11:11 30 Jul 2013

When you say the computer crashes do you mean that the computer itself actually crashes or just that the screen display disappears. If the computer continues to be active then it vis probably the cable or the Video Card seating. If the whole computer crashes then it could be very many other things.

  Anon-281249 14:06 30 Jul 2013

My guess: It's summer and the PC is clogged with dust - Needs a good blow-out as it's overheating

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