"Computer Management" formatting disk as "RAW", how to force it to use NTFS?

  sydsnott 16:43 25 Sep 2013

Just formatting an old PC HDD, it is in a caddy and is an old PATA disk.

When plugged in to my PC it always appeared as three seperate drives.

I have deleted and amalgamated these to a single volume, and am attempting to format NTFS. After completing the wizard, I notice it's formatting as RAW.

Should I stop it....and how?

Can I make it format as NTFS?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:48 25 Sep 2013

It'll only show RAW when its not formatted

Wait until its finished ad see what it says then.

  sydsnott 17:03 25 Sep 2013

Thanks Fruit Bat, I have managed to stop it, (panicked when seeing tales of woe on google about not being able to access RAW disks!)

Also wondered if I should have allowed the system to allocate a drive letter 'cos it's a removeable USB disk, not a permanent attachment to the PC.

  sydsnott 17:15 25 Sep 2013

Just looking at "Computer Management" screen, the disk shows as "Disk 2", basic 149.05 GB...

(it's actually a 160 GB disk so not sure where it has lost 10.95 GB)

also, since I managed to stop the formatting operation, it's currently designated just as "unallocated".

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:11 25 Sep 2013

A 160GB will only show as 149 its the difference between the way the manufactures (humans) count and computers count, in binary.

1 Bit = 0 or 1

8Bits = 1B

1024B = 1KB

1024KB = 1MB

1024MB = 1GB

Bit - Binary Digit

B - Bytes

KB - Kilo Bytes

MB - Mega Bytes

GB - Giga Byte

  HondaMan 19:20 25 Sep 2013

See this Link

  sydsnott 19:39 25 Sep 2013

Thanks Fruit Bat, totally forgot about the discrepancy caused by our "rounded" mathematics!

HondaMan, I've read a few of those "Toms Harware" articles, but that one is not relevant to my problem. The XP PC that this disk was originally in has long since gone to the bone yard!

The disk still had all the partitions and files etc on it. I have just wiped the info and now have an empty disk with just one volume. The disk is in a caddy attached to my current PC via USB 2.0 and I wanted to format it NTFS so that I can use it as external storage.

It is no longer a system disk.

  sydsnott 21:35 25 Sep 2013

formatting now finished and Fruit Bat was right, it now shows as NTFS, not RAW. Thanks for your help.

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