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"Busy" blue circle spinning all of the time

  Hetti 14:27 16 Feb 2014

This started a couple of weeks ago, I have removed Dell system detect as I thought that was the problem.

I did a previous post regarding this and thought the prob was resloved with the Dell system detect removal, but blue circle spinning is still a problem, PC also slow to respond when typing (while online), so thought I had better start new post.

The problem occurs all of the time in IE 11 was also happing in Firefox so I uninstalled it and downloaded Sea monkey but same thing there too. PC shows no virus/malware (Kaspersky/malwarebytes, also have superantispy ware. Running win 7, have all updates.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:46 16 Feb 2014


ctrl alt del

to ring up task manager and see what program or precess is taking up cpu cycles or system memory.

  Hetti 15:12 17 Feb 2014

Thanks Guys

Sorry it tooks some time to get back, I just started working my way through the suggetions abt an hour ago.

Fruit Bat /\0/\ I only see the website Im on when I open task manager,the bottom of the win shows ....processes 94, CPU goes between 10/14% and physical memory shows as 35%.

Jock1e I had some trouble when trying to run ipconfig /flushdns in that it flashed on and off so fast, I could not see anything.

I did the run without signed drivers thing also.

You said "Have you downloaded a new host file by any chance", sorry I dont know what a host file is.

Now at the end of this I have been running Seamonkey and it seems fine, however it still happens in IE 11, do you think I might revert to an older version this is a recent update on my PC but not sure if it started when I updated to IE11, I need I Explorer for my Family tree maker software or would just not use it at all.

You said "Go in Services and disable Windows Updates and stop it from running.while you are at it do the same with Windows Defender if it is on there", neithier of them were listed! is this the norm?

As you will gather Im not very techie so please bear with me.

  Hetti 17:04 18 Feb 2014


Thanks I spotted windows defender it is STOPPED as is win Firewall and this is shown in Control panel> System and security,(is this why they dont show in Services? but win update is not there.

In task manager CPU is not show

I copy/paste ipconfig /flushdns run as admin, a win called IPCONFIG utility appears asks if it can make changes I click yes but the same thing on off in a flash cant see anything.

CPU shows between 16/20% with browser and Family tree software open, they are the only items show.

I have had Kaspersky for 3/4 years and this would be when win defender and firewall was stopped.

There are no yellow exclamation marks in device manager.

Thanks again

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:56 18 Feb 2014

Is it just slow while you are online?

Click the process tab in task manager to see whats running 94 processes seems excessive.

With FF + OE running at the moment I have 43.

  Hetti 20:13 18 Feb 2014

Fruit Bat /\0/\ Yes it is while online only,

The blue circle spinning has stopped now while using Seamonkey, trouble seems to be in IE I changed to IE9 blue circle is not so bad but I get freezing and not responding issues now. Processes are showing 86 now, quite a few of them are Dell, Im not confident enough to stop them incase I mess it up. As I cant copy/paste them I would need to type them out if you wanted to see them.

  Hetti 19:20 19 Feb 2014

Update all

Have not seen busy circle since yesterday, but having issues with PC when scrolling while online, it's eratic jumping/sticking I need to scroll back or I miss things, also text appears very slowley 5//6 after I hit the key. Would a system repair work here ?

  Hetti 19:59 20 Feb 2014

further update PC seems to be running Okay , but I don't know why or how, hope it continues

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