"404 Not Found error" problem

  Liteman 07:24 22 Dec 2013

Our camera club runs a photographic exhibition and some entrants have experienced problems uploading their images when the file names have contained ' or = and have received "404 not found error" messages. We have obviously now mentioned in the rules that these two characters should not be used in file names, but I wondered if anyone could tell me why these two characters cause this problem so that I can explain it to entrant when they still get the problem because they don't read the rules.

  Batch 10:01 22 Dec 2013

I think you'll find that these characters (and others) are reserved. For example, used as separators / special operators in URLs (i.e. what you see in the address bar of your browser).

So when ' or = are used in a file name and then submitted over the Internet, the filename is read only up to the first instance of ' or = and so then cannot be found (e.g. freddy's.jpeg is just read as freddy).

  lotvic 13:24 27 Dec 2013

For some reason I am unable to get pca to accept a post on your other thread, so am trying on this one

Compatibility with all the different programming and Software would be the issue I think.

Characters to Avoid in Directories and Filenames

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"There are several characters that are perfectly valid in a Windows filename that are really bad when you post those files on websites, and either the server or the client could wreak havoc with them. In most scenarios the HTTP requests will receive an HTTP 404 File Not Found error" click here

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